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Ashanti Announces She is Single via Twitter

So Ashanti and Nelly have been on and off for some years now, last time I checked they were on but not according to Ashanti.

She recently blasted this news on her Twitter account @ashanti on May 2nd:

In December it was rumored that there was wedding talk going on with Nelly and he was talking about how close him and Ashanti were, I guess not anymore.

Here is what Ashanti tweeted that same day along with the picture below, "Yall remember my LA man rite?? He has more muscles then anybody I'v ever been with!!!!!!! :D LMAOOOOOO!"

This was funny because that same day Nelly tweeted a topless photo of himself and said he just left the gym asking if it's working.

I love how celebrities air out their business and take their frustrations out via Twitter, lol.