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Bad Girls Club Reunion Part I: The Girls Gang Up on Char to Put Her in Her Place

The reunion started off in a different way this season, with a look at some crazy mess that was bound to happen and behind the scenes of the reunion special before it started. 

All of the girls had their own dressing room and host of the show, Perez Hilton went to each room before the show to talk to the bad girls. He then asked the girls, "Who do you not look forward to seeing?"

All the girls said Char was in for it as she apparently has no friends left after they finally watched their season air. Kori and Jessica really thought they were Char's friend and in the end got played.
I called it! I said once they watch what Char says in the confessionals, like calling them "minions" it would be a wrap.

"I ran that b*tch and I'ma run this reunion," Char said to Perez before the show started, calling herself the "Chief Executive B*tch." Do we have a Natalie Nunn here? The bad girl from season 3 who thought the reunion was all about her. I'm just saying.

Tanisha from Bad Girls Club season 2 made a special appearance in the behind the scene footage and sat in the audience, until the cake...we'll get into that in next week's recap.
The five original girls that stayed all the way to the end came out on stage first. Nikki and Char sat by each other and actually seemed cool.

"It took me to know Nikki after the show to respect her, that she does her own thing," Char said.

Phony, phony, phony!

Jessica and Char's tight relationship throughout the show was over in the reunion as Char denied calling Kori and Jessica minions. The girls watched some clips for the first time with Nikki and Char being proud that they weren't followers like the others.

"That's what the king and the queens do, they let their mighty servants do their dirty work," Char previously said in a confessional.

Nikki and Lauren are back on good terms now and said they're friends.
Perez asked Jessica if her and Char could ever be friends again and Jessica said no. Char said she's done defending friendships in the house.

Wilmarie then came out in a J.Lo looking, low cut dress. Perez asked her how she feels about seeing Nikki again, "I really don't like Nikki," Wilmarie answered.

"All season long you said you were so tough and you got your a** whooped by Wilmarie!" Perez said to Nikki as Wilmarie said she already planned to fight Nikki when they got back to the house from their Mexico trip.

The next Jersey replacement, Jennifer, came out and she sort of reminds me of Brandi from last season, all talk and no action. Perez actually gave Jennifer a bottle of weak sauce with her picture on it and said to her, "When you're a bad girl you don't quit...out of all the exits yours was the lamest."

Perez said there was a lot of Jersey this season with a total of three bad girls from the state. Wilmarie and Jennifer said they squashed their beef when they bumped into each other at a club prior to the reunion.

Ashley came out next and said she was disappointed in Char and Kori, being that Kori followed under Char and both of them didn't like her. Ashley said Kori was a hater and that it should have been Char that she beat up instead of Kori.

"I think they're mad that the show is about me," Char said to Perez about the girls.

"Char you are not a Saint, your sh*t does stink!" Perez said to Char, setting her straight.

Sydney who left the show twice, said she regrets it and Char said Sydney has some crack head tendencies.

Towards the end of the reunion the girls came down on Char hard. Perez said she was coming across as a heartless b*tch by dogging the girls. But he did give Char props for running the house.

"At the end of the day I ran what I needed to run, it's done, it's a wrap," Char said.

All in all, I say the baddest girls this season were Wilmarie and Jessica. These two were about it and would pop a chick when they needed to and got away with it plenty of times. Even though Char thought she ran the house, I say she didn't, she's weak and uses her age as an excuse that she's classy when we clearly see that she's not.

Sydney starts yelling at Char, she gets up and walks across the stage to stand right infront of Char saying, "lemme get close to you real quick."

This situation can never be good. Anytime a bad girl gets up out their seat and close to someone's face, chances are they're going to swing, which is exactly what happened after Sydney mushes Char's head. Then we finally see Char fighting! Of course the show ends on the good part.

Jade (to the right) in next week's finale show
Sydney said Char is all bark no bite will Char back up her words in this fight with Sydney? Will Wilmarie and Nikki fight? Wilmarie did say on the finale of the Bad Girls Club for Nikki to be ready next time she see's her.

And there's one bad girl left who hasn't come out yet, we'll see her next week.

Tune in for a recap of Part II next Monday!

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