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Love Games 2: Amber Has Control of the House Again!

Natalie and Amber fight after Amber refers
to Natalie as a dude
This week on Love Games...

Natalie yells out to all the guys that noone is safe, clearly thinking she runs the house.

Cory B. who is now "Team Amber" after Natalie attacked her last week, starts to rub Natalie the wrong way. She gets up in his face and starts yelling after he tells Natalie to shutup and she rips his necklace off.

Cory B. takes it upon himself to seek out some secret revenge on Natalie by laying in her bed butt naked and rubbing around in her sheets.
A couple of the guys bring it to Natalie's attention that he rubbed his body parts all over her sheets and she flips. She wants Cory to leave the house saying it's the Natalie show. But then Natalie and Cory B. squash all the drama and he stays.

Amber apologizes to Taylor for putting him up on the chopping block last week and takes him under her wing because she wants Taylor on her side.

Then there's the house maid also known as Matthew who cleans and cooks all the time thinking that helps his chances of staying in the house.

"Matthew is like Cinderella on adderall," Lea says.

In this weeks challenge, the girls and guys both compete in a communication, relay race challenge. The girls then pick which guys they want on their team and Natalie surprisingly picks Cory B. first. He moves very slow throughout the challenge and decides not to help Natalie at all. Natalie says that's exactly what she wanted to do, expose Cory of being a poor sport and her team winds up being disqualified because of him.

Lea's team is also disqualified and Amber wins the challenge in the end and winds up being HBIC second week in a row, once again Natalie is in trouble.

Natalie then apologizes to Cory B. after getting screwed over in the challenge by him!

Amber winds up choosing Taylor as her number one pick to go on a date with, who is one of Natalie's guys that's she's feeling.

"I move in to kiss Amber to see how fake she really is," Taylor says before he makes his move on her. And Amber shuts him down! Taylor gets jealous and starts dropping "F" bombs throughout the date.

With Lea's date, her and Bruno start sharing a connection at the restaurant, she then cuddles with John.

After the date, Natalie offers her date, Jason $1,500 to take his pants off on their ride home because she says she's horny and he takes them off.

The girls get home to a wasted Matthew who was throwing up and Amber finds him laid out on her bathroom floor. He starts crying to Amber saying he likes her.

Afterwards, Natalie and some of the boys are out in the pool and she decides to give them a peep show of her boobs as Amber scoops out who is looking and not on "Team Amber." She notices Cory W. checking Natalie out and he gets stuck in the bottom after announcing to everyone he's now on "Team Natalie."

Tanisha then tells Amber she has to nominate three guys to go in the bottom with two being sent home again.

Matthew gets eliminated first. Lea and Natalie couldn't come to an agreement on the second pick of who to send home and the decision gets left up to the HBIC, Amber. She chooses Benz to stay and in the end Cory W. gets eliminated, who was of course one of Natalie's guys.

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