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Love & Hip Hop Finale

Right off the back it's no secret that Mama Jones is not a fan of Chrissy. She even said, "Regardless of how it goes down I'm gonna be there. But Chrissy is not the one for him, I feel that." She also warns Jim not to let anyone force him into anything, like getting married.

She says if Jim loves loves Chrissy then she has to love her too then says Chrissy doesn't know how to be family orientated.

Jim Jones & Chrissy

Jim meets up with Chrissy to take her out, handing her roses trying to do the romance thing. He takes her to a hotel hoping to get her mind off things.

"I want to plan for the future whether that means marriage or no marriage we need to plan," a persistent Chrissy tells Jim, still focused on the marriage issue.

Jim says it's not the day for that, "I'm just trying to cool out, a little champaign, a little twisted, get a little something, maybe."

We know what that little something is that Jim wants but then Chrissy starts going in on her plan for their future.

Jim plays Chrissy the song he wrote for her and she calms down...for now.

Emily & Mashonda
Emily meets up with Mashonda to talk about more rumors on the internet involving Fabolous, who has not made an appearance on the show. Emily is tired of having to answer questions and explaining herself.

It was rumored that Amber Rose was pregnant, with Fab's child. But Amber Rose, who was dating Kanye West before is now with Wiz Khalifa, the two are rumored of being engaged, so no worries there.
Mashonda says, "that's what happens when they (celebrities) go on the road, they start to meet groupies and live this other life, things start to get shaky."

Emily realizes things have changed and questions it, "Is this what life is gonna be like?"

Somaya & Olivia
Somaya meets back up with her manager Maurice, the one who previously got punked by Jim, and then Rich, Olivia's manager, storms in to confront Somaya about all the crap she was talking about Olivia which we saw on the last episode.

"Olivia would send her daddy to fight her pre-school fights because she can't fight," Somaya says.

She said Olivia jeopardized her life, still being on the fact that Olivia told Jim where they were that day.

Maurice says he hates the hip hop ghetto antics, saying it's not conducive to his well being and his health.

Momma Jones & Chrissy
The two ladies go out on a drive to lunch and Momma Jones confronts Chrissy about screaming at her for storming out on the engagement.

Chrissy asks Momma Jones, "can I talk about you and I?"

Momma Jones makes it clear that there is no "you and I" and later calls Chrissy a "selfish b*tch" and Chrissy calls her a "psychotic b*tch" right back.

Wow, what a way for a future daughter and mother-in-law to talk to one another.

Momma Jones asks Chrissy, where is my grandchild? as she storms out the car and walks away saying is Chrissy just supposed to have her son, what is he going to get out of it? Lol, what is she talking about!?

"I wanna cut her up but I know that's unnacceptable because that's his mother and I never want to disrespect him like that but this woman is pushing buttons I didn't even know I had," Chrissy said.

Wanting to escape the pressures of her crazy future mother-in-law, she invites Emily and Olivia over for a girl night.

Chrissy plays the song that Jim wrote for her to the girls and you can see it in Emily's face that she's thinking about Fab.

She even says she always felt that a lot of Fab's songs were about her but Fab never used her name in a song like how Jim used Chrissy's.

In the end, Emily says she's not happy and that she has to love her self first. She says maybe Fab doesn't love her. Chrissy is shown throwing away bridal magazines and decides maybe marriage is not the right thing right now. Somaya says to respect her grind because she's here to stay and Olivia's song "December" has given her the push she needs in making it as a solo artist.

This season of Love & Hip Hop went by very fast. Are you ready for a season 2?

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