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Bad Girls Club Reunion Part II: More Beef With Char & Season 7 Sneak Peak

Fight, fight, fight! Part II of the Bad Girls Club Reunion picked right back up with all the girls ganging up on Char. Sydney walks over to Char and mushes her in the head. Char finally fights! and hits Sydney back. But Sydney was definitely getting her pounds in on Char's head. Did you see Lauren trying to get her hits in on Char too?

Char's family had something to say after the fight as they stood up in the audience. One of Char's cousin started mouthing off to Jennifer who was screaming back.

"This is not the Family Feud, you stupid, f*cking, b*tches," Jennifer screams out to Char's cousin.

Sydney said Char always ran away in the house saying she's 28 but in reality Char acts like a 20-year-old.

Tanisha, a bad girl from season 2, was sitting in the audience and said they're making the reunion into "The Char Show" which they were, ok next topic...

Perez ran a clip from the notorious Ashley incident when her and her friends came over and that big brawl broke out. As the ladies watched the clip, a part showed Char running up the stairs telling the other girls to pack Ashley's stuff, she has to go. 

Ashley says to Char, "Why are you always there after everything happens?" Isn't that the truth. Char was never involved in any fight or had her "friends" back. 

Jennifer trying to get her two seconds of fame in starts making a scene, screaming at Char and carrying on like a nut. I was like sit down Jennifer, you didn't matter. Next...


Perez spoke on the fact that Nikki sucker punched Jessica when Jessica was fighting Lauren. Nikki said she did it to back up Lauren and because Jessica was 'Team Char.'

All three seem like they're cool now. Everyone seems like they're now cool with Nikki which was kind of disappointing because I wanted to see some unfinished business between Wilmarie and Nikki which didn't happen.

Remember when Nikki told Sydney's boyfriend she blew another guy? Perez asked Nikki why did she rat Sydney out. Nikki said it was the right thing to do at the time when everyone was ganging up on her.

Perez then asked Sydney why did she forgive Nikki so fast, "I'm not gonna marry the guy so f*ck it," Sydney says. Sydney then admitted she always had a lesbian crush on Jessica but nothing ever happened between them in the house.

The Girls Love Life After the Show
Wilmarie's JLo looking dress at the reunion
Ashley said she doesn't want to do playboy anymore, she's single now and that she went on the Bad Girls Club not for fame or money but because she couldn't find a job.

Wilmarie said she's not dating now but she has a sugar daddy who she's been on and off with for 10 years. 

And Kori has a boyfriend now and he was sitting in the audience.

Perez randomly asks Char, "Would you ever make a sex tape with Natalie Nunn?" She said for 20 million dollars she would and that Perez would have to be in it too.

Lastly Jade, who was like Morgan last season, comes out to join the rest of the girls. Nikki tells Perez that Jade was weak for leaving.

"I don't care what the audience thinks, if I don't want to be there I won't be there, I'll say deuces and do what I want to do," Jade says in defense of her making an early exit and says Nikki didn't get the best of her.

Char denies that she called her "friends" minions and then a clip was played showing Char calling them that. Everytime Char denied saying something a clip would play to make her look like a hypocrite. 

Perez tries to patch up Char and Jessica's friendship but Char clearly says she didn't have friends in the house and tells Jessica it was never about her.

Since it is Jessica's birthday, former bad girls, Kristen (from last season) and Amber (from season 3) bring Jessica a cake out. Everyone makes a toast then Perez throws a piece of cake at the girls and a playful cake war breaks out.

It wasn't playful anymore when Kori smushed some cake in Jade's face. Jade starts yelling at Kori and her mother and grandmother step up and start yelling at Kori too.

"I'm on there for five f*cking minutes and I get cake in my hair," Jade continuously screams.

Tanisha said it was disrespectful for Perez to mess up the cake, of course she would say that. 

Char is shown talking to her family saying the girls made the reunion about her. All that hate for Char and she got no cake on her, Amber points out. 

"I'm a brand," Char says.

The cameras followed the girls behind the scenes and showed them back stage. Ashley and Sydney gave each other props for beating on Char.

Char approaches Tanisha and said she didn't know Tanisha had a problem with her. Tanisha said she has no problem with Char but said what she had to say. 

Jade continued to scream back stage in her dressing room that she wants to go home because she got cake in her hair.

Tanisha yells out, "If I was to host everybody would of got a slice of cake." I was thinking Tanisha should host next season's Bad Girls Club reunion, Perez had his time as the host. 

Picture taken from the Bad Girls Club Season 7 Facebook page
So an exclusive sneak peak of BGC season 7 was shown as the girls hit up New Orleans.

A whole bunch of partying, screaming and of course fights, some real fist fights were shown. 

Look out for BGC season 7 which was originally supposed to air July 11th but got pushed back till August 1st at 8 p.m.

What did you think of Part I and II of the Bad Girls Club reunion?

I personally thought part II was corny compared to past reunions and part I was ok. The most entertaining part was Syndey stepping to Char and the cake throwing was wack. Even Perez said the girls were weak sauce, lol. 

However I did like how behind the scene action was shown. What got me is how these girls had their family in the audience yet they're on stage acting like fools but hey it's the Bad Girls Club.

There may be no new seasons of BGC next Monday but come back to the OooLaLaBlog for my top 10 BGC fights. Can you guess which one is #1?

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