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Love Games: Natalie Stirs Up Drama & Takes Control

This week on Love Games...

With 10 guys left in the house some are getting to know a little more of Natalie.

"My strategy for now is to get all of these guys not interested in Natalie on 'Team Natalie'. I need to flirt with them...desperate times call for desperate measures," Natalie says.

She then finds Ryan, Lea's tatted-up guy, talking on the phone and she asks if he's talking to his ex-girlfriend which is the beginning to some drama, but first...

The judge
In this weeks HBIC challenge the ladies and guys had a dance off as the guys got to pick their own teams.

The girls then picked wich team they wanted, choreographed the dances and had to perform infront of dancer, Lil' C who was the judge.

Lea's team started off with back flips, Natalie had the most comical dance moves and free styles in her crew calling them "Cash Money" and Amber's team was wack all together and it showed she's a non-dancer.

In the end, Natalie finally won a HBIC challenge, kisses all of her teammates and takes control of the game.

"Natalie is HBIC, f*ck my life," Lea says after the challenge.

"Tonight I want to have sex so bad, I'm like a b*tch in heat," Natalie says later on that night. She said she's stopping the whole elimination thing until she starts to see the men naked.

"This was one of my favorite challenges, Lea's dance was so cute," Tanisha said last night on the Oxygen Live Chat @Tanisha_DaDiva during the real time viewing party. She also said there is never a dull moment in the house and that her favorie guys were Corey and Benz.

Ryan, who is in the hot seat this week, gets confronted again about talking to his ex-girlfriend, then Lea finds out.

"If anybody here is f*ck!ng their baby momma, their ex-girlfriend, get out!" a pissed off Lea screams out to all the guys. 

Ryan was the one guy she was feeling and now she doesn't trust him.

He then puts all the guys on blast and says they all messed with girls right before coming on the show. A big argument breaks out between the guys and security comes in to break it up.

Natalie picks preppy boy Taylor to accompany her on her date and also cuddles with him under the sheets. Taylor says it's about to go down and Natalie tells Taylor to take off his clothes and they sleep together, fulfilling Natalie's curiosity about white men. 

Lea forgives Ryan the next morning and they patch things up for now. Jason goes on a second date with Natalie and says he is now on her team playing all sides of the game.

The girls then go on their dates as Natalie takes advantage of making the decisions and starts talking crap.

Lea says Natalie is all talk, "When you see Natalie all you see is mouth and a chin."

She screams out to Natalie for her to do something saying, "Slap me Natalie, slap me!" On the date Natalie makes it all about her once again and noone gets to know any of the guys better.

"You don't run sh*t, all you run is your f*cking mouth," Lea screams out to Natalie.

Tanisha says on Oxygen Live Chat, "Lea is really a bad girl. Gotta love that! She def backs her stuff up!"

Lea is worried because she knows Natalie has the power now. Natalie chooses Lea's guys; Benz, Ryan and Robert R. telling them all they are 'Team Lea' and have to be put up for elimination.

Benz asks Natalie what is she doing saying he told both Natalie and Lea how he feels about both of them and that Amber even saved him once before,
"What does that say about you?" he says to Natalie.

Lea and Amber pick Robert R. to stay first. Lea tells Benz he is a risky bet but on the other hand says Ryan needs to fix his unfinished business at home with his ex-girlfriend and in the end it is Ryan who gets the boot.

Lea admits she actually saw herself in the end with Ryan and he says he probably could have won in the end but loves his ex. Why are you even on that show looking for love if you're in love with someone else?

Which bad girl do you think will win Love Games in the end?

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  1. I honestly think the competition was rigged, I really felt like Lea should’ve won but hey, it is what it is. Each week, I get more and more agitated with Natalie and her belief that people should bow down to her because she’s a “celebrity”. I also want Taylor to leave because he is causing way too much stress on the other guys. I’ve been keeping up with the show and thankfully, I have the DISH Remote Access app with DISH Network any time I need it. The app allows me to watch live and pre-recorded shows and I don’t even have to be at home to do so. I just hooked up my Sling Adapter to my DISH receiver and voila, everything I have in my subscription is at my fingertips. The app is compatible with Apple and Android Mobile Devices and comes with a free download from the App Store and Android Market. Now that I work at DISH Network, I definitely know that I’m getting the most value and I’m always recommending that people check it out because it’s well worth it!



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