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Basketball Wives Season 3 Premiere: The Drama Heats Up as the Cattiness Continues

And we're back with season 3 of Basketball Wives and Shaunie says since the ladies last got together there is still conflict and nonsense going on between them.

Jen moved out of her condo in Miami because her ex husband, Eric Williams sold it. The trio; Evelyn, Shaunie and Jen are all shown in Jen's new place. Jen says she's a new person now and she can do what she wants.

"It feels great, honestly I'm used to being feels peaceful," she says.

As Evelyn's name is being shown on TV, now it says fiance as we come to find out since last season of Basketball Wives her and NFL player, Ochocinco are now engaged.

Evelyn tells Jen to find a young'n because they can f*ck all day. She also now says her beef with Suzie can now blow over. Who ever thought this would happen? Now, Evelyn and Royce are on bad terms from the way Royce acted during the reunion.

Royce is no longer dating Dwayne from season 2 and she is now single. She says she doesn't speak to Jen, Evelyn and not even Shaunie.

"Jen used to be okay when she wasn't stuck up Evelyn's ass, Jen, Evelyn and Shaunie are fake friends," Royce said.

"If I do see Evelyn I'm not going to jail, but I believe in self defense," Royce said.

Tami and Royce meet up, hug and seem like the best of friends now. "Royce is cool with me, she's more real then the people who claim they're real," she said referring to Evelyn and her circle.

Royce tries to bond Tami and Suzie together but Tami isn't over her and Suzie's previous beef from last season.

Tami finds out through her Twitter that Evelyn plans on making profit through their past fight from last season. Evelyn is coming out with t-shirts with the logo "You are a non-mutha f*ckin' factor b*tch," the popular saying that Evelyn blurted out in their argument before Tami snatched her up.

"I feel like its the most disrespectful thing she can do to continue with the drama between us," Tami said.

Evelyn tells Shaunie that she's not a homewrecker and she wasn't dating Tami's ex while they were married. But Tami thinks Evelyn is really the non-factor because she was the jumpoff.

There is now an actual wife on this show as we are now introduced to a new lady this season, Meeka Claxton, wife of former NBA player, Speedy Claxton who recently retired from the league. He played for the Atlanta Hawks a couple years ago.

Meeka walks in and meets up with Shaunie. With first glance I thought she resembled Gabrielle Union. Meeka says she's only in Miami for a couple of months to open up an office.

Shaunie tries to recruit Meeka to her circle or as I like to call it the "fake circle". Meeka then meets up with Jen and right off the back she starts running off with the mouth about hearing Jen's ex-husband Eric on the radio. She tells Jen that she thinks Eric still loves her. Meeka might fit in perfect with these ladies, she;s already gossiping.

"I will always love him always but I'm not in love with him and I don't like him," Jen says about her ex.

Suzie meets up with Ashley and Royce for drinks. Royce keeps babbling on about her beef with Evelyn which supposedly started over Twitter. Royce seems immature and doesn't mesh well with the some of the ladies.

Meeka makes her rounds with all the ladies and then meets Royce. She says she judged Royce in the beginning off of being a professional dancer. Being a wife, Meeka says she feels like she's talking with the enemy and comes right off the back and tells Royce that.

"I don't know what Meeka's game plan is here. But when you meet people I don't think you should repeat other conversations," Shaunie says about her.

The girls don't take too kindly to Meeka; Evelyn says she needs to bring it down a couple of notches and then maybe they can become cool. Jen thinks Meeka is trying to prove herself to the circle and is gossiping a little too much.

Tami then meets up with Evelyn and I thought the boxing gloves were coming off. The two discuss their differences and their past fight. Tami tells Evelyn that she didn't get anything accomplished in her past relationships so she doesn't really matter either. Evelyn, who grew up a little, says she's over her and Tami's beef now.

Tami addresses Evelyn about the t-shirts coming out and Evelyn says she considered giving Tami part of the profit for her charity. Tami says she does not want the profit of a negative saying.

"I would be an idiot not to trademark that, that's my line, I own it and I'm going to make money off of it," Evelyn said.

Tami thinks Evelyn is slandering her character and plans on suing if Evelyn continues on with the producion of the t-shirts. Well this meeting didn't go too well.

Tami meets up with Suzie for lunch but says she can't trust her, but they seem for cool now. They discuss the Evelyn situation and Tami thinks Evelyn's saying is hurtful and says she will file that lawsuit.

Next thing you know Tami rolls up in Evelyn's store "Dulce" and Evelyn shows Tami her finished product, her t-shirts that reads, "You Are Non F'N Factor" 

Tami yelling at Evelyn
Evelyn claims she's turning the negative sitaution into something positive. Tami shows Evelyn a paper as to what will come with her lawsuit and Evelyn says she'll counter sue.

The two throw down in a heated argument and nothing gets solved, Evelyn still plans on selling the shirts and she rips Tami's paper infront of her and says her lawsuit is a joke.

"You best to be glad that I know if I punch you I'll knock your mothaf*ckin head off," Tami said to Evelyn.

"And you should know I'll punch you right back, we'll be some punching mothaf*ckas in here," Evelyn responded.

"Like you did the last time," Tami snapped back.

Well the drama from these two is just getting started and new drama will surely follow. Be sure to tune in to Basketball Wives every Monday at 8 p.m. on VH1 and read the recaps right here.

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