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Single Ladies 2 Hour Premiere Recap

VH1's new romantic comedy Single Ladies premiered yesterday and we got first glimpse to who these three girlfriends are, their men and their careers.

The Ladies

Keisha (right), Val (center), April (left)
Valerie known as Val (Stacey Dash) is more of the reserved girlfriend who starts off in a relationship with her NBA player boyfriend, Quinn. 

She's into love, long term relationshps and wants to get married one day. She also just opened her own fashon boutique.

Val is like the Joan in Girlfriends and the Charlotte in Sex and the City. 

"You got to wait 90 days to tap this, I was raised a lady," Val says.

She also says, "I believe in soulmates...happily ever afters...true love."
Quinn and Val out on the balcony deciding
the fate of their relationship

Keisha (LisaRaye McCoy) is more of the fun girlfriend who loves sex without the serious relationship. She'll kick her date out after she gets some, will tell him to take a cab and then will get on the phone with another guy.

She plays men the way they play women. Keisha is like the Lynn on Girlfriends and Samantha on Sex in the City.

"Six billion people on the planet and women feel like we have to find one man," saying she has one man for sex, one for social functions and one man to pay for treats. "Love is an illusion for the weak, all we need is good sex and money in the bank."

She also says to Val, "Run your relationship like you run your business, use your head not your heart."

April (Charity Shea) is the White girlfriend who has what other women want and what her girlfriends keep reminding her; a good Black man who she married. But we come to find out more April when the girls go out for a spa day later.

April says to her friends, "The problem is men don't want to date anymore."

Of course Keisha responds, "That's why I give them a taste of their own medicine and keep it moving."

Taking place in Buckhead, Atlanta, the show kicks off with all three ladies and their men at a party hosted by Val as she's celebrating the opening of her boutique.

The ladies and men start talking about relationships and sex. Things start getting heated when Woody, one of Keisha's pieces, says, "A guy knows within the first 15 minutes in spending time with a woman whether or not he's going to marry her."

Woody asks Val's boyfriend, Quinn, when is he getting married and says, "Ya'll been dating for like five years, what you waiting on man?"

Realizing he put his foot in his mouth Woody shuts up but Val doesn't, she wants an answer. Quinn says "Don't do this right now." Val says, "Don't do what? Worry about my future?" She says she's tired of making excuses to her family and friends as to why she's not married yet. But Quinn thinks they shouldn't mess up something that's not broken.

"If you like it put a ring on it, if not then lets stop wasting each others time, life is too short." she says to Quinn giving him a marriage ultimatium. 

Well, he leaves and Val gets dumped!

The show fast forwards to three months later with Val caught up in her own little world, burying herself in work as she's getting ready for the grand opening for her boutique. And she's still trying to get over Quinn.

Keisha is still looking for a rich man. She is now helping Val and working for her in her boutique. She is also a video vixen but claims to be moving on because she's reinventing herself.

Val, Keisha and April go to a much needed spa day to relax. They start talking about men and relationships. Val says with Quinn she had a plan; get married, have children, get old but now she has to start all over and start with a whole new man.

Ladies, does this sound familiar? Many people are afraid of starting over after all the effort and time they put in that last relationship.

April comes out and tells the ladies that she's cheating on her husband Daryl and says her affair is fun and exciting. April says she hasn't lived because she's been married since 20.

"It is women like you who turn good men bad," Val says.

That's another thing, I feel like people need to let it all out at a young age; party and date because when you get older and that's all trapped inside, you're going to want to live it up at an older age which is usally the time when people are already married.

Eve guest stars on the show as an investor to Val's newly opened boutique. Lauren Londen (Shelley) guest stars as a customer at Val's boutique. She wants to hang out with the three girlfriends because the only person she knows in Atlanta is her fiance.

Val says "sure because not all females are haters."

Well here's the kicker, comes to find out Val's ex is Lauren Londen's fiance! Quinn couldn't settle down and marry Val but now he's engaged to another chick.

Val meets a White guy, Casey, who hits on her in her boutique. I call him the obvious rebound guy. In wanting to try something new and different, Val instantly hooks up with him in the back of the boutique.

Keisha goes on a date with Malcolm Franks (D.B Woodside) whom she shares late night phone calls with after her dates leave. Malcolm is a player like Keisha but she quickly figures out his game:

"You're one of those kind of guys who like to intimidate girls, get em' off balance. And you can get away with it because you've got money and charm and you're intelligent. You must be used to younger, immature, un-experienced women . Malcolm I assure you, I'm not that girl," Keisha says to him.

She continues to say, "And based on the fact that we only see each other where you want and when you want, you're obviously and control freak too. But know this I ain't scared of you."

Malcolm smiles and calls her a brat. "I am not like most dudes, it takes a lot more than a pretty face and a short dress to impress me, yea you've got my attention but now you've got to keep it," he says back.

These two are the perfect match up for each other.

In the next scene Val calls Casey and leaves him a message basically saying they had a one night stand and wants to forget it happened.

Dressed in a very short, tight dress, Val meets with her ex Quinn at her place saying she needs closure. He comes over all googled eyed over her but says they never had marriage in their future. They start arguing and Val screams at him then kicks him out. Quinn leaves but comes right back, next thing you know he's in between her legs and the two are having steamy ex sex.

Determined to move on, Val throws herself a grand opening party. April then reveals to her girlfriends that she's having sex with the Mayor (Common).

One of Keisha's former video partners, Jasmine (Kim Porter) says she's caught Keisha stealing jewelry and money before and blackmails her.

Casey finds Val at her party and confronts her for ignoring him. She says they moved to fast and he said he tried to be the nice guy.

Afterwards, Val meets up with her girlfriends and reveals she may be pregnant and she's not sure if it's by Quinn or Casey.

On the set of Cameron's video shoot, Keisha is up to her old ways and steals a diamond watch to clear her name.

April who seems bored with her husband, see's the mayor with his wife while she's out with her husband for dinner. She cuts off their baby discussion, telling her husband she's not ready for one.

She texts the Mayor on the slick side and meets up with him by the bathroom. He tells April he wants her to stop sleeping with her husband and says he already stopped sleeping with his wife.

After a couple of kisses she meets her husband back at the dinner table. Her husband clearly see's something is wrong when she sits back down and to play it off April just says Val called her in the bathroom and said she's pregnant with Quinn's baby.

The news travels back to Quinn and he wants Val to keep quite. He deminds a paternity test and even says she should get rid of the baby.

Keisha visits her lover boy Malcolm and quickly finds out the watch she stole from the video shoot was one of Malcom's jewelry pieces that Camron was only borrowing. So Keisha actually stole from him. She starts to feel bad and tells Val she kinda likes him.

At the end of the show Val finds out she dodged a big bullet and she's not pregnant after all. As she's walking with her girlfriends in the park she spots Quinn with his fiance, Shelley. She walks over and blows his spot up and walks away with the last ha ha.

The ladies all meet up for drinks in the end and Shelley joins their circle, she also called off the wedding with Quinn.

"It feels good to be drama know with us that won't last long," they say.

So what did you think of this new show?

Missed the premiere? Watch the full episode here

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