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Basketball Wives Season 3 Returning this Summer & a Miami Heat Player Fights to Keep His Ex Off the Show

Tami & the new castmate going at it
Althought I think they should change the title, Basketball Wives 3 returns on May 30th. Tami Roman, Evelyn Lozada, Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed and Shaunie O'Neal are all returning minus Suzie Ketcham, like I recently reported at the end of the season 2 recap. 

But wait, we have a real wife coming in to join the cast this time, Meeka Claxton, wife of former NBA champion and current NBA scout, Speedy Claxton.

VH1 describes the new season below:

"In season 3, viewers will catch up with Shaunie O’Neal as she balances a new shoe line, her love life, family outings and being a shoulder to lean on for the other ladies," reports VH1.

"Evelyn Lozada makes the transition from a basketball wife to a football wife with fiancĂ© Chad Ochocinco. Will watching Evelyn build a family be hard for Jennifer Williams who just ended hers? The cameras will catch Jennifer leaving her “player” behind and navigating a new lifestyle as a single lady. But Evelyn and Jennifer have not forgotten their rivalry, Royce Reed. Left hurt and betrayed, Tami Roman works on rebuilding her trust for the ladies and moving on from the past."

New castmember, Meeka Claxton
Basketball Wives 3 will premiere May 30th at 8pm on VH1. In other Basketball Wives news:

Now I recently told you Dwayne Wade filed a lawsuit against Royce Reed. Now Miami Heat player, Chris Bosh filed a lawsuit recently against his ex-girlfriend and a TV company in L.A. to prevent Allison Mathis from starring in the next season of Basketball Wives. Remember I reported before she was joining the cast.

Well Mathis, the mother of Bosh's young daughter, has apparently been hired to star in the third season of the Miami-based show, according to his lawsuit. But I don't see her name in the above cast description above.

TMZ reported that Bosh was fighting to keep her off the show, but apparently those efforts failed. Now, Bosh says Mathis is "misappropriating" his image by starring in the show without his consent. Bosh also wants to prevent the show from "publicly disclosing details about (his) private life."
Ha, ha sounds like somebody is scared to have his business put out there but when you're a celebrity you have no privacy, so good luck with that.