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Is it Worth Celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

Our drinks at On The Border
Cinco de Mayo is not an American Holiday but with all the build up and partying on this day, you would think it is.

After my Cinco de Mayo festivites yesterday with my co-workers I've come to realize that it's not worth going out to Mexican-style restaurants on this day and here is why...

- The waiting time to get a table is ridiculous
- Some places don't have drink specials
- Restaurants and bars are too overcrowded

and I could go on...

But I went to On the Border in Little Falls, N.J. and it was my first time going to this restaurant, I actually prefer Jose Tejas.

I met up with some of my co-workers and waited for almost three hours and some of them were there before me and waited for FIVE HOURS for a table!

We were drinking by the bar in the mean time and that's how the restaurant gets you. Any other day they have happy hour specials from 4-7 p.m. but not on Cinco de Mayo.

My Margarita was eight dollars, my Corona was six dollars, drafts were five and I don't even know how much shots were. Way overpriced! I'm like what is this, club prices?

Then they gave us one of those buzzing things so we know when are table is ready. So we decide to check at the host stand to see how much longer it would be because it seemed like forever.

Comes to find out the batteries in the buzzing thing were dead! And then the hostess is checking for our name and they crumpled up a piece of paper with all the crossed off tables but the name for our party was still on that crumpled up paper and the only one not crossed off. So other people got seated before our party. So those hostess' fail!

So when we finally get seated they put our party of 12 at two seperate booths. All the big tables were occupied and it seemed like nobody wanted to move anytime soon. Finally, one party gets up to leave so then we switch tables so we can all sit together and we finally eat.

So from now on I'll be celebrating Cuatro de Mayo. Forget these restaurants, keep your beads and festive t-shirts because I'm so done with eating out on Cinco de Mayo.

Good food, good drinks, good time with friends BUT such a disorganized place so this On the Border in Little Falls gets a D- from me.