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The Real World: Hook-Ups Galore & One Couple gets a Scare

This week on The Real World... Dustin, now on defense mode, says on the phone to a friend that Heather broke up with him over his gay porn which was revealed last week on the show, and Heather tells Naomi she's not ready to give Dustin a relationship right now.

Hook up #1
Dustin's brother and friends show up to stay in the house. He shows his friends the website he was on and faces his deep secret. Then Cooke comes along and notices Dustin's best friend, Josh and thinks he's hot, of course she she does.

Josh and Cooke start getting comfortable together and when Dustin and his other boys go out, the two stay behind and start hooking up in Cooke's bed. I guess she forgot about her attraction towards Dustin...for now.

Dustin peeking under Cooke's sheets
Dustin comes back, enters his room and realizes his friend in Cooke's bed naked and cuddling with her.

"I'm a little taken back by Cooke. Cooke's having one night stands with my friends. I'm from the South, ladies usually don't do that," Dustin says, like he has the nerve to judge someone right now.

Hook up # 2
In another room, Naomi and Leroy are hooking up in bed. Naomi says she's been having unprotected sex with Leroy and that it starts to hurt now.

She starts thinking maybe Leroy could have gave her a STD and also says her period is late.

Leroy asks Naomi,"If you're pregnant what would you do?"

"I'm gonna keep it and call it Little Lee, you think so?" she says. "Don't question me like that."

Leroy starts to feel neel nervous and Naomi asks him if he used condoms with previous girls in Las Vegas. He says he wrapped it up. But can you really believe someone when they tell you that, especially someone you just met? C'mon Naomi!

Naomi makes an appointment at a woman's clinic for an STD test. She tells Leroy the clinic suggests she get tested and he responds, "That's cool." Then he changes his story and says maybe he slept with one girl unprotected, but he forgot her name and that he became careless when he got to Vegas.

A freaked out Leroy says, "When you don't know what's going on with your health it's scary."

Naomi winds up going to the clinic by herself with no support from Leroy and he starts to feel guilty by not going with her. When she arrives back at the house we find out she's not pregnant. Later the doctor calls and tells her she tested negative and it's a vagina infection.

"I'm relieved, I am. I would never want Leroy to be the father of my child," Naomi says.

Ok, well how about you don't put yourself in those type of situations. Maybe this will wake her up.

When Leroy apologizes to Naomi he changes his story again saying he has had unprotected sex with other girls two or three times. This dude doesn't even know how many times, I bet his number is higher than that.

This is what he says after the situation, "...I'm gonna try and pump the breaks on going after so many women and always use protection because there are diseases out there and they are real. So it's definitely a lesson learned."

Hook up #3
A horny Naomi and Nany get into their bikini's and go in the hot tub. All the girls are in there and they start drinking.

"None of the guys in the house are close to the person I go for. The closest person is Heather," says a sexually frustrated Nany. You already know where this is going.

Nany and Heather kiss and things start to get a little steamy between them. 

The guys get back to the room and Dustin see's the two kissing, he gets jealous and leaves the room. The other roommates watch in disbelief as Heather and Nany are now making out underneath the cover.

Leroy is like, "I can't believe ya'll didn't include me in this sh*t!"

After the show, Nany tells the on-lookers she didn't do anything and not to judge her as she laughs.

A vulnerable Heather made out with Nany for another reason, by dealing with her pain with Dustin. She then confides in him and tells Dustin what happened saying her actions were stupid.

Dustin now thinks it's ironic and says they're in the same boat now. The two then go to sleep in his bed, no making out, but Dustin thinks they'll get back together now.

Heather doesn't know if it's smart to date Dustin and he says he won't wait around so the two decide to go their seperate ways.

Cooke tells Mike that Heather and Dustin are the biggest joke of a relationship and will probably hook back up. Yeah probably, but in the mean time...

Hook up #4
Dustin, Leroy and Cooke go out to a club. Dustin and Cooke start dancing together and grinding on each other.

They seem like they're getting a little closer now that him and Heather are done. On the way home in the cab Dustin and Cooke kiss.

"Now that Dustin is free, he's fair my eyes I'm doing Heather a favor by taking him off her hands," Cooke says.

I smell more drama coming very soon if Heather ever finds out about that. Stay tuned!

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