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J Lo's New Video Re-Released to Include Lil' Wayne

Jennifer Lopez is seen on a beach in Mexico in her new video "I'm Into You". The song features Lil' Wayne but when watching the original video you hear him but he's not in the video.

Well according to the Daily News, Lil' Wayne couldn't be in the video because his prison probation prohibited him traveling to the location.

Lil' Wayne was arrested last year for possession of a weapon.

Jennifer wanted her video shot before her album release which is already in stores, so no Wheezy for that video. But! ... she recently did extra video shoots in Los Angeles to include him in a new video as an alternate version. He is now seen in black and white clips throughout the video.

Jennifer recalls talking about the record to Lil' Wayne, "I was like, 'Are you going to be able to do this record? I need it done this week and do you want to do it?' and he was like, 'Of course I do. Yes, ma'am. I'll get it done this week, ma'am,' " she added, laughing. "I've always found him an interesting artist, and the things he says and the way he says them..." according to MTV News.