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Love Games: Mommy's Visit & Sparks Fly Between Some of the Guys

Lea starts off talking to Benz and lists her reasons for not liking the other guys in the house. The other guys are all sitting in a room together and Taylor, the preppy boy is just talking crap out loud then says if anyone touches him he'll sue.

"I love to egg people on especially idiots like John," Taylor said.

"Taylor obviously likes to have a little mouth on him but once you push my buttons I'ma let it be known you don't mess with me," John said.

John who is short fused, quickly gets up and grabs Taylors chin and a shoving match starts, before the fight escalates security and the rest of the guys break it up.

"I don't care how big or tall you are, if you have the mouth we can take it to the next level because you will not talk to me like that," he says.

Natalie, still trying to get all the boys on her side says desperate times call for desperate measures. She kisses Emilio in the confessional and says, "Snooki I'm gonna kiss Emilio." As we know he used to date Jersey Shore's reality star Snooki.

Tanisha then reveals that she planned a special 'Get to know you brunch' with special guest and all of the girls mothers walk out. Tanisha says their mothers will be around all day and also participating in the HBIC challenge.

Natalie and her mother
Natalie says to her mother, "Are you still gonna love me if I take my top off? How about if I have sex on TV?" Like really Natalie?

In the HBIC challenge the boys had to impress the mothers. Each girls had a team of guys, picked randomly and together they had to create a three course meal with the meals being judged by the moms.

Lea winded up with three guys that aren't on her side; Taylor, Emilio and Jason.

To make things fair in the challenge, the guys presented the food to the mothers so they wouldn't know which course their daughter prepared.

Matthew, the Cinderella of the house, would have been perfect for this challenge, too bad he was previously eliminated.

The girls and their mothers
As the boys present their food to the mothers, Jason decides to throw Lea under the bus by screwing up his presentation on purpose by forgetting the names of the food. 

"I'm hoping Lea doesn't get HBIC, I rather stab her in the back because I know she's going to put me up for elimination anyway," he says.

In the end Amber gets the most points in the challenge and becomes HBIC again.

The ladies then go on a group date along with their mothers. Amber picks Benz as the first guy to go out with her which is different since he's feeling Lea and Natalie more.

She also picked one guy to accompany Natalie and Lea on their dates. The mothers made the second round picks as to who will couple up with their daughters.

John, who had beef with Taylor earlier in the show, see's an open bar while on his date with Natalie and her mother. He starts going in on drinks.

The mothers leave and when the girls get home, a drunk John is on the phone talking to a girl back home. John says his feelings for her are stronger than his feelings for the girls in the house.

He then decides to talk to Lea and Amber, takes them in the bathroom and tries to close the door on the camera guy. The girls start screaming out at him, trying to calm him down. He starts crying saying that he can't do the game anymore and admitted to Lea and Amber he has a girlfriend, the girl he was on the phone with.

"If anybody here has a f*ck!ng girlfriend, I swear to God I'll throw all your sh*t in the f*ck!ng pool. I'll cut all your sh*t like a pyshcotic b*tch," Lea says.

This situation really pissed Lea off because it is reminiscent of last weeks scenerio when she found out her guy Ryan, the tatted guy has a girlfriend and he got eliminated because of it.

A pissed off Tanisha, rounds up the troops in the house and says things are getting out of control and she's not having it and oh yea... there will still be an elimination.

Amber decides to put Jason, Emilio and Bruno up on the chopping block. The guys say their peace. Emilio says he's shocked that he's up for elimination. Jason says he has a connection with Amber and Natalie then tells Lea he didn't try to sabotage the food challenge, which was a lie. Bruno who thought he had a connection with Amber says he's surprised he's up for elimination being that he went on a date with Amber and her mother.

Lea of course says she wants Bruno to stay, one of Amber guys. Natalie doesn't want Bruno to stay and says she has a better connection with Emilio and Jason.

Natalie hugging Emilio
Since these two ladies couldn't come up with a decision, the final decision goes back to Amber. She decides to send Snooki's ex, Emilio home who was  another one of Natalie's guys.

Oooooh next week it looks like Tanisha is going back to her bad girl ways and popping off!

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