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Love & Hip Hop, The Reunion: Not Much Has Changed After the Show

 Full Recap of the Finale: The stars of VH1's Love & Hip Hop came back together for the first time since the show ended for an hour and a half reunion special.

Special host, Angie Martinez talked to the ladies about season highlights and what has been going on behind the scenes.

Angie addressed Somaya first, so lets start with her. 

Somaya came on the show to further produce her rapping career. Of course the issue came up about Chrissy, the most controversial one on the show and known for blocking Somaya's project with Jim.

Chrissy said Somaya isn't that relevant and the look on Somaya's face was so funny because she looked so very serious and pissed off.

Chrissy said she's not in the music industry and that she just gave her opinion about Somaya's song, "I refused to get in a serious battle with somebody that really doesn't matter to me."

Angie says to Chrissy, "did she irritate you?" Chrissy responds, "her shoes did!" Hahahaaa. Somaya didn't find it funny saying Chrissy doesn't know her history. Somaya has a long history too, as you may not know but she used to date rapper Joe Budden.

Emily still seems to need some clarity on her "relationship" with rapper Fabolous. It was also obvious there is still tension between her and Olivia. Olivia, who is doing very well with her new single "December" says she is trying to re-brand herself from being "Olivia: formerly of G-Unit."

The issue came up from earlier in the season when Olivia claimed to be dating football player, Darrelle Revis from the Jets and the ladies caught her in a lie.

Emily and Olivia start popping off to each other because Emily was the one to say Olivia wasn't talking to the football player anymore and he wasn't claiming her either as you can see to the right in a tweet that he posted. 

Olivia took it back to Emily and Fabolous saying Fabolous never claimed Emily on anything and that she never saw Emily out with him. Well of course the man himself was not on the show. Supposedly Fabolous didn't want to be seen on camera for this reality show.

Emily then says she never saw Oliva out with Darelle and Olivia says that Emily wasn't his stylist while they were together.

All Emily could say was, "really? really?" Yea really, Olivia says.

"What did you have like one picture on the internet with him?" Emily says to Olivia. She feels like Olivia tried to play her by comparing their situations.

Olivia fires back, "How about your man didn't even come on the show, he wouldn't even come to a family photo shoot with his family and kid, get the f*ck outta here," She was really getting mad, veins and all were popping out.

But why are these two going at it when both of these men are playing them out?

Emily didn't hold her feelings for Fabolous back during the show. She said she wanted Fabolous to see what she was going through hoping since her true feelings were exposed it would have impact after watching the show, but she says it didn't.

Emily says the show didn't cause tension between her and Fabolous and while she was taping the show she would tell Fabolous the things that were said on the show about their relationship and him, she said.

"Everything has a truth to it, it stems from a truth. I never said he was innocent, I never said I was in a perfect relationship," Emily says speaking on Fabolous' alleged hook-ups with other women.

Olivia says she thinks Emily was in denial and that it took the show to open her eyes. Olivia also said she would see Fabolous out with a lot of girls.

Emily really looked like she was on the verge of crying while addressing the Fabolous situation.

She said, "To see myself that vulnerable and to watch myself, it was hard to watch that."

Chrissy said she wants her friends to be strong like herself and doesn't get why Emily loves this man more than herself and is staying with him throughout all the drama. Chrissy said Emily deserves better and should take better.

Angie asks where is her relationship with Fabolous now and Emily says they are on a different space now.

"I'm not going to continue to acknowledge someone who is not acknowledging me," Emily said.

Next up on stage were the managers; Somaya's manager, Maurice and Olivia's manager, Rich.

Maurice spoke on the yacht incident when he disrespected Chrissy and then how he got punked by Jim.

Chrissy said to Maurice, "You carried girl stuff back like a little b* went outside and started some bullsh*t."

And Chrissy said Maurice needed to be checked on the crap he was talking.

Well, this beef started another beef between Olivia and Somaya because Somaya blamed Olivia for telling Jim their location that day when he "checked" her manager.

Olivia's manager, Rich was not a happy camper and went in on Somaya addressing the clip when Somaya said she was making Olivia relevant again.

Somaya said to Rich, "You're a vagina, calm down girl." Lol.

Somaya said Rich tried to put his hands on her and she filed a police report on him. She said Rich was going in on Twitter on her like a woman.

Angie tries to continue the show and calm Somaya down but she keeps going in on Rich.

"I came here to today to be politically correct to your triflin' wack a**," Rich says.

He then gets extrememly mad and then walks off the stage.

Afterwards, rapper Jim Jones makes an appearance on stage with his fresh, new haircut. Chrissy who doesn't want to waste any time in her and Jim's relationship, said she doesn't have any regrets on asking Jim to marry her.

The couple is not married yet but still engaged. He came to the show without his wedding ring too, saying he took it off when he went to the gym.

Jim says he has a date in his mind for the wedding but dances around the other marriage questions.

"There's not going to be a three years from now with no date," Chrissy says.

Lastly, Jim Jones' mother, Nancy, comes out and addresses how the marriage proposal went down.

Chrissy said she didn't tell Momma Jones her surprise proposal because she didn't want her to tell Jim or not be happy for her. 

"If you were a personality I could rely on then I would share with you, but I never know what I'm going to get with you" Chrissy said to Momma Jones..

Momma Jones said she didn't need a surprise and that Chrissy should have proposed another way. 

She says Chrissy needs to be a little more family orientated and the discussion starts getting heated from there. Nancy then walks off the stage to end the argument. Jim grabs Chrissy's hand and goes after his mother to talk in the back off stage.

"Ya'll just f*cked the show up," Jim says.

Will Chrissy and Momma Jones ever come to an agreement? Nancy keeps saying Jim will finally see one day what Chrissy is about? Chrissy is like, what does she mean by that? There is something not being spoken about.

Angie had to break to commercial and afterwards the whole cast was joined back on stage and Angie asked how will they move forward from there.

A calm Jim says you can't win in his position and Chrissy says she wishes things could be different. I can tell by Nancy's face that she's not trying to hear Chrissy and really doesn't like the girl.

As Jim is talking about his mother and fiance, Chrissy starts tearing up and says she's tired of the situation. 

Jim says, "I want to grow up and take it to the next level with her but it's crazy." He said he hopes his mother and Chrissy can sit down one day and have an understanding.

Another argument breaks out and Momma Jones says, "I'm not on your level I'm too grown for this bull crap." And she walks off the stage again.

"She's crying, what the f*ck is she crying for?" Nancy says about Chrissy as she's walking off.

Angie asked the remaining ladies on stage and Jim if they have any regrets from living their lives out on camera. All of them said no and said this is a growing experience.

There was nothing brought up about Mashonda, Swizz Beatz ex-wife and a reccuring person on the show. She was not on the reunion and there has also been talk on the internet that she does not want to be apart of season 2.

Angie Martinez announced that there will be a season 2 of Love & Hip Hop towards the end of this year!

My take on these ladies: Chrissy was being Chrissy, she doesn't hold back so nothing changed with her. I do think she's forcing Jim into marriage. After seven years you would think they would at least know a date and that isn't even set. Jim seems comfortable with just the way they are.

Emily needs a voice, she's too soft spoken and seems to always look scared. Olivia, I don't know about her but I don't think she's all "gangster" like she claims to be in her G-Unit days. She aslo wasn't talking that reckless during the show.

And Somaya, she looked really bad on the reunion show. I don't know what was going on with her hair and makeup. I know she's like six feet but her outfit on the reunion made her look even bigger than what she looked like on the show. But, she does speak her mind and doesn't hold anything back. Her and Chrissy have very strong personalities.

In season 2 I wonder if Chrissy and Jim will be married by then, if Chrissy and Momma Jones will form some kind of relationship, if Emily will still be with Fabolous and if Olivia and Somaya continue to make it in the music industry.


  1. The reunion was a bit boring. Angie was a boring host and looked sleep the whole time. I love all the ladies except Emily because she is just dumb. I also felt that all the women looked better on the show than what they did on the reunion. Olivia is always beautiful, love chrissy, emilys wig was too dark for her and her goth makeup... No, and somaya looked terrible. all in all can't wait for season 2.

  2. Yes they all looked much better on the show! Angie Martinez actually looked the best lol


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