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America's Best Dance Crew: The Ultimate Battle

The remaining two crews take the stage with Mario.

In yesterdays America's Best Dance Crew the top two final crews; IaMme and Iconic Boys danced in an ultimate battle, a ABDC first ever "make or break show down" in a plea to capture more votes.

The judges final thoughts on both crews:
"I think IamMe came on this show and people slept on them," D-Trix said. "They didn't really realize the ultimate beauty behind what they were doing until further down the road."

"They (IaMme) are very creative, they don't just think in terms of athleticism, they think in terms of pictures," JC said.

"When I first saw Iconic Boyz I was like well, I don't know how they're going to stack up and then you see these kids move..I was sold," JC said. "They're young, they're sponges, they're absorbing everything."

Yesterday, both crews had to re-do previous performances from the season and extend it.

IaMmE perform their memorable routine from the Rihanna challenge.

IaMme elevated an extended version of Rihanna's "S&M". Wearing the same yellow, black and red spider outfits that they previously performed in they mastered this performance again in a new way.

ICONic Boyz perform their dance from the Justin Bieber challenge.

Wearing the same green and white outfits, Iconic Boyz added in new elements and advanced their choreography in their basketball challenge to Justin Bieber's "Baby".

Record producer/DJ/rapper Swizz Beatz plays his mastermix for the remaining crews.

Towards the end, both crews went head to head in three rounds of no holds bar dancing provided with beats by Rapper/Music Producer Swizz Beatz.

IaMme clearly dominated all three rounds in my opinion. I must say the pacifier that IaMme used was pretty funny basically saying Iconic Boyz are babies.

Well voting is now closed. I voted for the better crew not the cuter more adorable crew, this is a dance show so I would hope that people voted based on dance talent. The crew that wins this Sunday will join the other five phenomenal ABDC winners.

IaMmE dances to Swizz Beatz's mastermix.
IaMme in the dance battle
Is it me or has ABDC episodes gotten shorter?

I feel like in the beginning in seasons 1 and 2 the crews performed more.

I enjoyed the new theme "season of the superstars" but I liked the set up from the past; when the crews were given the same challenge and also incorporated magic in that one show.

What did you think about season 6? Has ABDC run its course or do you think the show got better?

Watch the Full Episode here! The finale is this Sunday, June 5th at 7:30 p.m. and don't forget all past five champions will be apart of the finale!

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