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Basketball Wives: The Ladies Pick Sides, Tami and Meeka Don't Mesh Well, Meeka Might Be Two-Faced

Tami comes over to Jennifer's new place to catch up. Even though Jennifer is Evelyn's friend she's cool with Tami as well and of course Tami brings up the t-shirt situation.

"Everybody wants to make money, but she (Evelyn) could probably think of something else," Jennifer said.

In another clique, Royce meets up with Suzie and starts gossiping about The Circle (Evelyn, Shaunie and Jennifer). Royce thinks Jen is cool when she's "not stuck up Evelyn's a**," lol.

"They're so quick to judge you," Suzie said about them.

Meeka makes it known that she doesn't want to put herself in any cliques yet until she knows the girls first, but did say she has more in common with The Circle. She also said she doesn't want to get to know Royce.

"Meeka is very chatty, you're like talking to her and you're like shut the f*ck up," Evelyn said.

Evelyn tells Jennifer that her and Chad want to have twins after they get married. Jennifer starts talking about her divorce situation and Evelyn says she thinks Evelyn will enjoy the single life.

"She (Jennifer) needs to go out there, have a good time, smash a couple of guys, you know women need that," Evelyn said.

Evelyn says Jennifer should start off with a young'n and sets her up with online dating.

"Good sex relieves stress and you wake up and feel great in the morning and morning  sex is even better, you walk around with a pep in your step," Evelyn said.

Jennifer later filed her divorce papers and said, "I'm about to be an independent woman and I'm super excited about that."

( "I Remember Me" by Jennifer Hudson was played during the show while Jen was filing her papers.)

Meeka meets Suzie for the first time. Royce feels like Meeka is being told a lot of B.S. and said The Circle doesn't want them to like each other.

Later on, Suzie, Royce, Meeka and Tami all meet up. Meeka meets Tami for the first time and right away I thought these two would clash because they have similar personalities. Tami thinks Meeka will eventually play both sides but their first meeting was cool.

"I think I need to spend some more time with Meeka, if she turns out to be the person I can get some more information out of, I can use her as my mole without her knowing it," Tami said.

Then, Tami finds out from a source that Meeka really doesn't like Royce and has been talking about her behind her back. Tami confronts Meeka on talking behind Royce's back.

Tami said she doesn't want any shady mess going on and told Meeka not to put her hand in her face.

"I think Royce is an idiot because Meeka is a troublemaker," Tami said.

Suzie shows up at Evelyn's store. Awkward. Its been almost a year since these two talked. Evelyn still not forgetting their fallout from last season, says she's cool with Suzie now and they make up. I didn't see that one coming.

Suzie and Royce go to the beach and Suzie tells her she went to see Evelyn and she's back in The Circle. Suzie just wants to get over things and not focus on the negativity.

Royce is blown away that Suzie and Evelyn are becoming friends again and is just waiting for Suzie to get thrown under the bus again. So now Royce is by herself outside The Circle.

I can't wait for both sides to get together when all the ladies meet up together, I feel fireworks coming!