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Love Games: The Game is Over For One Bad Girl

This week on Love Games: one of the girls go home. Natalie starts off manipulating Corey B. in letting him know that she likes him too and that Amber doesn't care about him.

Corey B. talks to Amber and questions their future togther. Amber says she wants to be with him in the end. He says he's torn between Natalie and Amber, but not for long.

"If I play the game I'm going with Natalie but if I follow my heart I'm going with Amber," he says.

In the HBIC challenge the men have to compete in a series of dares for the ladies and the last man standing wins. The ladies pick their teams and Natalie switches things up when she picks Lea's man, Jason.

The first dare included the men putting on little speedos and doing jumping jacks, all the men passed the first round. In the next round, still in their speedos, they had to get three pieces of wax on them and then got it yanked off.

Robert R. eliminated himself first and said if it was for Lea he would have done it. That was a dumb move on Natalie's part.

In the next dare, the men had to be strapped to take a lie detector test and be interrogated by the girls. In the test, we come to find out Benz still has feelings for Natalie.

The next dare consists of the guys getting tatted, but not just any tatt, but with the girls' initials. Natalie makes it known that if she's the last one standing and if any guy gets a tatt with another girls name, they will be eliminated.

Benz decides to sit out because he doesn't want to ruin his chances with Natalie and says Lea is torn between two guys. Jason also sits out who was on Amber's team. 

Corey sticks it out and gets Ambers' initials tatted on his foot. Nick who hasn't really made a chose as to who he is there for, goes all the way out for Lea and gets her initials tatted on his neck. Taylor, who doesn't believe in tattoo's goes all out for Natalie and decides to get her initials on the bottom of his foot, on the most painful spot.

With three guys left in the challenge, Tanisha tells the guys that their next dare is to give money to their girls charity, the guy who writes the highest check wins.

Benz said, "Amber, if Corey wins this challenge you better kiss him, he's basically buying his kisses right now." Lol.

But Taylor writes a check for over $8,000! He wins the challenge for Natalie and she wins HBIC.

All the girls decide to take the guys who got tatted out on a date, oh except for Natalie! Taylor wins the game for her and she decides to take Benz on the date and thinks she's playing the game smart.

Poor Taylor sits back at home while Robert R. puts thoughts in Taylor's head to pick Amber to stay in the end because Natalie doesn't care about him. I would feel bad for Taylor if he winds up getting played in the end, he's done a lot for Natalie.

Back on the dates, Benz and Natalie kiss and Lea gets jealous. Corey B. seems like he's back on 'Team Amber' as they cozy up on their date.

When everyone gets back to the house the guys tell Taylor to use his head and be smart and Benz and Lea argue

"When you pick, I pick, when you figure out what the f*ck you want come holla at me, until then I'm neutral," Benz said, playing the safe side.

Natalie tells Taylor that he's the only one for her in the house but he told the same thing to Benz on their date earlier.

Now it's elimination time, but before Natalie can make her choice to eliminate one of the guys, the guys get together to decide which bad girl to send home.

The decision comes between Amber and Natalie and in the end, Amber was the chosen one to go home.

Some of the guys thought her heart wasn't in it and when it was it was too late. I already saw that coming.

Now the game is between Natalie and Lea and it's time for a guy to go home. Natalie nominates Corey, Nick and Jason. Lea decides by herself who to send home and it came down to Jason.

"I honestly don't think any of these guys in the house can handle any of these girls," Jason says as he makes his exit.

Which girl do you think will win and which guy will survive to the end? The finale of Love Games is next Monday and another bad girl will be sent home.

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