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The Challenge Rivals: The Rookie Girls Show Who's Tough & The Guys Want CT Out

House Drama
Mandi is strongly attracted to CT. Jasmine substitutes Tyree as her boyfriend and the house finds out the two smashed as Tyler can't find two of his magnum condoms. Jasmine names Tyree her poppa bear and all of a sudden starts sticking up for him when it's time to play the game. Since her and Jonna won last week they get to pick the order this week and Jasmine doesn't want to pick Tyree first.

Wes realizes CT is bigger and stronger than him and is also his biggest competition in the house. Kenny says the whole house is against CT and nobody wants to see him in the game, so this sucks for Adam who is partnered up with him.

"I have to pretty much win every challenge or I'm going in, that's how scared everybody is," CT said.

Some drama happens between the rookie girls: Camila calls Jonna the wrong name and calls her Jasmine. Camila confronts Jonna about talking crap. Jasmine backs up Jonna and they both get right in Camila's face.

Theresa comes to the aid of her one time rival, Camila, when Jasmine tries to start a fight.
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"If anything does pop off I definitely would jump in the midde of it," Jasmine said in defense to her partner.

Jonna walks away and tells Camila where she'll be at and the roommates "ooh" and "aah" 'amping up' the situation.

Camila walks over to Jonna and says she's sorry for messing up their names. Jonna says Camila walks around like she's better than her and she tells Camila she doesn't like her.

Little Jasmine rolls right up into Theresa's face when she tries to back up her partner Camila.

The girls had to break the two up as Jasmine goes on a warpath. Sarah takes Jasmine into a room to calm her down and she breaks a mirror. But don't worry Tyree is right there to clean up the glass and calm her down.

This Weeks Challenge
Guy elimination week: The teammates competed in a challenge called "Car Crusher" in which the coupled up teams drove a trucko. One teammate had to steer while the other person controlled the bucket in which they had to sit on each others laps. Smashing cars and dragging them under the finish point the fastest without DQ'ing was the point of this game.

Jasmine and Jonna work together in the car crushing challenge.Coming back up from the bottom last week was Evelyn and Paula who won this weeks challenge and $2,000. The girls are safe this week anyway but it's more about proving themselves.

Adam and CT win this weeks challenge and are safe from elimination.

Wes and Kenny, the top sh*t talkers, DQ'ed and were the bottom this week. They automatically got sent into the Jungle. Tyree and Davis wind up being the chosen ones to compete against Wes and Kenny.

Elimination Round
The boys compete in "Blast Off" more of a physical, wrestling game. The underdogs,Tyree and Davis lose all three "Blast Off" rounds and are the first guy group sent home.
Kenny and Wes face off against Davis and Tyrie in the jungle.Towards the end some of the guys are trying to manipulate Adam. He says he wants to win for himself but lose because of CT. Next week, it looks like CT and Wes get into an argument.