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Pretty Little Liars: Melissa Makes it Seem Like She is Talking and Sneaking Off to Visit a Hidden Ian

On yesterday's episode of Pretty Little Liars the girls come to a conclusion that Melissa is sneaking out to visit Ian by foot and that it's a possibilty that Jason (Allison's brother) is hiding Ian in his house.

Melissa takes a mysterious phone call infront of Spencer then runs upstairs to talk out. Spencer stands by the stairs to listen and suspects something is up.

As Spencer walks past Jason's house she notices a shadow in his window but it's not Jason. Jason shows up and tells Spencer he's the only one living in the house.

Later on that night, Spencer peeps out of her window and looks across and Jason is putting newspapers up on the window to cover them up.

Back at Spencers house, Melissa is looking for her wedding ring that she lost. Days later, Spencer finds Melissa's ring behind the toaster oven but she doesnt tell her she finds it, she pawns the ring instead. We also see someone across the street peeping at Spencer walking out of the pawn shop.

Toby tells Spencer that Jason needs help building a fence and is willing to hire him. Spencer tells him she doesn't totally trust Jason and doesn't want Toby going into his house. Toby and Spencer's relationship advances to another level as he tells Spencer he loves her for the first time.

Ezra and Aria walk hand in hand and are more comfortable kissing in public now that he's not her teacher anymore and Ezra's ex notices them. Since Ezra is now a professor at the local university, Aria signs up for a pottery class in the hopes of running into him on campus.
They later on cozy up together at his place. Ezra gives her advice about coming to good terms with Jenna who happens to be in her pottery class.

Aria stays quite in the class and hides her identity from Jenna. Towards the end, Jenna and Aria are alone in class one day and Jenna opens up to her thinking she's a classmate named "Anita."

Jenna talks about not being able to see her art project and starts crying because she can't see anything. Just as Aria starts describing what her project looks like, Jenna recognizes Aria's voice and gets mad that she was talking to her the whole time after Aria confesses it was really her.

Clue: Spencer flashes back to a time when Allie was alive and remembers Jason wasn't around when Allie was killed and says what if she was black mailing Ian and Jason.

Emily decides to mail off a fake letter stating how the scouts say if she stays she will be accepted to Harvard on scholarship. Emily doesn't want to move and thinks this letter will be the key in making her stay. She then thinks twice with what she's about to do, rips up the letter and throws it away. 

Her mother later on receives the same later in the mail and congratulates Emily. When she leaves the room Emily looks through her trash can to find the ripped up letter and instead finds a note from 'A' which reads, "You can't play cat and mouse if the mouse moves to Texas. I need you here Em. Congrats! -A."

At the end of the show, Melissa is on the phone again with a mystery person and Spencer overhears her conversation, "No not here, stay down the road, I want to make sure she's sleep..perfect I'll see you then."
Melissa leaves the house late at night and talks to someone in a car. Comes to find out the mystery person is Wren, Melissa's ex-boyfriend, and he hands her a bag of pills.

The girls are hiding in the bushes spying on her and they think the pills are for Ian who may need them after the church incident from the end of last season.

Clue: The last clip shows a mystery person in black gloves re-buying Melissa's wedding ring back from the same pawn shop Spencer had sold it to. This seems a little suspect. The obvious here would be for this person to be Ian buying back his wife's ring of course. 

All we know is that 'A' is always watching.

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