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Pretty Little Liars: Season 2 Premiere & This Week: Ian May Still Be Alive and On the Run

The girls of Rosewood, the Pretty Little Liars are back for another season every Tuesday this summer and now they are deeper in trouble and we still don't know who 'A' is!

Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily are still trying to figure out who Allie's killer is. Last season on Pretty Little Liars we find out the girls have been recorded through the window the whole time and that Ian is the one who most likely did it.

Ian chased Spencer up the stairs in a church where he fell, got tangled up in ropes and was hung to death, so we thought. But when police came to the scene, Ian's body was missing in the ropes. This leads us back to last weeks episode, the premiere of season 3.

The girls say Ian wasn't moving and was not dead. They think 'A' moved the body. Garrett, the one who we saw kiss Jenna towards the end of last season and who was also helping the girls blackmail Ian, takes the girls away from the crime scene and asks them to keep the videos a secret.

But now the police think all four of the girls are involved in Allison's death. The girls' parents, who aren't as believing, ban together and suggest the girls go to counseling.

A fast recap of the season premiere
  • Aria's mother moves back home from after the drama with Aria's father last season
  • Aria and Ezra's relationship is shaky at first and 'A' has Ezra's spare apartment key 
  • Rumors and gossip spread around school about the girls and Ian 
  • Caleb is back in the picture, back in town and back in Hanna's life
  • Toby and Spencer are still very much in love but don't get time to spend together until the end when Toby shows up at Spencer's house late at night
  • The girls attend counseling sessions and finds out 'A' is always one step ahead of them as one of Ezra's certificates show up in the counselors office
  • Spencer's sister, Melissa is in denial over Ian's mystery death/disappearance
  • The counselor recommends the girls spend some time apart
We get a hint that Ian may still in fact be alive: After Toby leaves Spencer's house, Spencer finds her sisters cell phone in the couch and see's a text from a blocked number that reads, "Melissa, I'm sorry it's not safe yet, I can't tell you."

This leads us to figure Ian may be disclosed in a secret location and can't reveal where he's at. At the end, we see a supposed 'A', a person wearing black gloves in Emily's room. With her house on the market, the real estate agent has her house open for potential buyers to look at.

Emily's labtop is left on her desk in her room and the person who we think is 'A', walks in and erases all the information off of her hard drive, which held all the pictures and videos of Ian.

This brings us to this Tuesdays episode where the girls must come to terms with possibly being seperated. But of course they still stick together.

And Emily, how quickly we forget about Maya and Paige as she goes on a date with blondie, Samara. Emily quickly tells her she's moving and doesn't want to get involved in anything serious and the two go to the movies together.

Will this be Emily's new crush? Emily also may get a swimming scholarship which may convince her family not to move.

A pregnant Melissa, worries more about Ian. Melissa and Ian start to talk about Jason who moved back to the neighborhood. Jason is Allison's brother and Melissa called Jason a person you can't depend on. There is something fishy about Jason and Ian's relationship, they used to be friends and I think Melissa knows more about it.

Spencer goes to visit Jason and he has questions. Spencer tells Jason that she thinks Ian confessed to killing Allison and that he's trying to set her up.

When leaving Jason's house, Spencer recalls back to a time when all the girls were talking to Allison at her house. Allison told them she has hiding spots all around the house and even in the yard which is why their secrets are safe with her. This flashback prompts Spencer to think some more and I think something may mysteriously pop up in that yard eventually.

Ezra and Aria's relationship is still shaky. Aria winds up waiting to talk to Ezra at his apartment as he gets held up with business. He asks her to wait for him and she waits, waits and waits some more until she finally decides to leave.

Aria goes over to Spencer's house which has been broken into but Spencer is out with Toby. Aria walks in the house and over glass scattered on the floor. She calls out Spencer's name a person covered in all black comes running down the stairs and pushes Aria, knocking her down.

The next day, Ezra spends his last day teaching at Rosewood High and Aria jets out of the class when it's over. She waits around school then decides to go back to the classroom but it's too late. She see's Ezra outside packing his car, runs outside and they share a steamy kiss.

Lately, there have been a bunch of break-ins in the neighborhood. The robber stole camping gear out of Emily's garage and the girls try to piece together who would do that. Spencer thinks someone on the run would steal camping gear so it must be Ian.

My thoughts: Im thinking there has to be more than one 'A' because that person is always around. It has to be a couple working together in stalking these girls and always being one step ahead of them.

Do you think Ian is still alive? Is Jason hiding Ian at his house? And who do you think is 'A'?