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The Challenge Rivals Premiere: The Rookies Take Over the First Challenge, Ego's Clash & A Fight Breaks Out on the First Night

Previous rivalries, beefs and arguments led to this new challenge as enemies are teamed up together. With 14 teams; seven males and seven females, challenges will be designated as either a male challenge day or a female challenge day. 

The Rules:
Each team will participate in numerous challenges/missions, which will be followed by the elimination challenge called "The Jungle."

In the end, the first place winner will receive $100,000 for the guy and girl, 2nd place gets $50,000 and 3rd place gets nothing. The winning team of every challenge is safe from elimination while the losing team is automatically sent to "The Jungle." The team battling the losing team gets voted in by the castmates.

This is what some castmembers had to say about this challenge:
"You have firstly every hot head in the history of these challenges on one show."
"You couldn't have picked a bigger group of a**holes."
"There's a lot of people here that hate each other."

The Teams:
Fresh off The Real World: Las Vegas is hot head Adam R. and his partner Leroy. The other teams include:

  • & Adam K.
  • Cara Maria & Laurel
  • Johnny & Tyler
  • Theresa & Camila
  • Evan & Nehemiah
  • Paula & Evelyn
  • Davis & Tyree
  • Jen & Mandi
  • Sarah & Katelynn
  • Ty & Brandon
  • Jasmine & Jonna
  • Aneesa & Robin
  • Kenny & Wes
"Rookies are the most manipulative people in the house," Wes starts off saying. He's hoping to recruit the rookies and then wants to send them home after he's done with them. Wes is still the same ol' Wes. 

A new CT emerges this Challenge season...well for now. The last we saw of him was on the last challenge, not as a castmate but to help out in the elimination round and he embarrased Johnny who got sent home and lost to Tyler. CT and Adam are now partnered up which is awkward after CT punched Adam in the face on a previous challenge, but they seem cool now.

This weeks challenge
The groups first challenge is a height challenge called "High Dive" where they had to jump off a waterfall on a platform to see which team could jump the furthest.

Newbies took over the first challenge and the winners were Leroy & Adam who winded up tying with Adam & CT but in the end the winner was based of speed. For the girls, Jasmine & Jonna won for the girls who were faster than veterans Aneesa & Robin.

The bottom team was suprisingly veterans Evelyn and Paula who both DQ'd and winded up going straight to "The Jungle", girls round, ladies first!

House Drama:
As usual, sneaky planning comes to surface in the house as Laurel comes up with a plan to send in Aneesa and Robin thinking they could possibly eliminate tough girl Evelyn.

Aneesa speaks up during the voting process and says Laurel & Cara Maria have a chance at sending Evelyn home too. But Aneesa's argument doesn't save her and everyone jumps on the bandwagon to send her and Robin in the first elimination round.

Afterwards, the rest of the house parties and drinks as they know they're safe. Hook ups happen and newbie Jasmine and Tyree kiss.

A drunk Ty starts being disrespecful to the girls and Adam steps up to him. Ty eggs him on and Adam punches Ty square in the face. He hasn't changed since The Real World Las Vegas and in the midst of all the craziness he knocks down Mandi to the floor and she hits the pavement.

This fight is reminiscent of CT's fight with Adam and CT even says, "It's fun, I get to sit back and watch everyone else fight for once. Madness is everywhere and its not me."

The field producer comes out and tells Adam he has to go hom. Adam does it again, gets kicked off another show and Ty accomplishes his mission. With Leroy missing a partner, news breaks that there's already a replacement. Leroy's Real World castmate Mike comes in as his new partner.

Elimination Round:
During elimination, the ladies play "Hands On" and Robin & Aneesa lose and is the first group eliminated.

The show ends with CT letting Kenny know that him and Wes aren't the top dogs in this challenge because he's here to stay. CT says he'll convince others in the house to vote Kenny to the elimination round. 

CT said, Kenny's clique may think that they're going to the finals but they have another thing coming. As Kenny kept talking trash, Wes had nothing to say as he sat back and listened.

"I'll chip away until there's nothing left and I can't wait to get my hands on these kids," CT said. 

Who do you think will win it all in the end? 

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