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The Real World Las Vegas Season Finale: Naked and Blue & Wedding Bells?

Naomi tells Mike it would mean the world to her if they get married.

"Throughout the whole time that we're in Vegas, we've done a lot of crazy sh*t... there's just one last thing I want to do," she says.

Naomi wants to accomplish her Bucket List and calls Mike the best candidate to marry.

Mike says he's shocked at some of the bonds he made with his roommates. "Outside of this I would have never been friends with Nany and then Naomi and I, I just feel like this goofy little friendship we have," he says.

Mike agrees to do a mock wedding for Naomi and calls it a wedding play so he doesn't have to sign anything.

The roommates then plain a big roller derby charity event for the kids. 

Cooke later on somehow comes up with an idea to paint her whole body blue, then Naomi joins in as they get blue paint everywhere.

Cooke says, "I'm sorry, I can't be on the news..I'm blueeee."

And Leroy says, "They're getting buck naked, if putting paint on yourself is what you have to do to get out of something, I feel like you should do it all the time."

The next morning Dustin, Naomi, Cooke and Heather appear on FOX 5 News Live in Las Vegas for their "Let the Kids Rock" Fundraiser.

Afterwards, Naomi is back on the marriage subject with Mike. She really wants to get a husband before she leaves Vegas.

Leroy receives some disturbing news back from home. One of his friends got killed by the police for having possession of a gun and Leroy makes an early departure.

"It kills me to see Lee crying, I've never seen this guy show any emotion much less cry," Mike said.

Cooke, Nany, Naomi and Mike go out to eat. Mike tells Naomi to call him "big papi" then tells her to stand up in the booth and he proposes to her with a ring pop, lol.

The remaining roomies go to a strip club to celebrate their "bachelor parties." The girls hang out and the remaining boys hang out together. Mike gets drunk and says he feels awkward because the strippers are getting naked, it seems as if he's never been to a strip club before and him and Dustin are also buddies again.

Mike says, "The only thing more awkward then me and Dustin chilling is me and Dustin chilling at a strip club."

On Naomi's "wedding day" she writes her vows for Mike. Mike gives Naomi a contract to sign stating if they find out this "wedding" by any chance has any legal binding, she will receive no legal rights to Mike and he has Cooke sign as a witness. Naomi signs the paper but with a wrong name on purpose.

Naomi asks Mike if he would have sex with her and he says, "I will not have sex with Naomi. If I have sex with Naomi then that means I have to have sex with Naomi better than Leroy had sex with Naomi and from listening that's going to be very difficult to do."

The roomies all arrive at a Little White Chapel and Leroy joins the rest of the crew for the ceremony.

"I know this wedding is kind of for fake but it feels so real, I'm like even getting nervous like oh my gosh what if he gets cold feet" Naomi said.

Dressed in a black tux and sporting a white bow, Mike watched as Naomi walked down the isle to him.

She was wearing a white wedding dress and a veil. Dustin, Leroy and Cooke had on black pants, white dress shirts, white ties and the guys wore white top hats. Nany and Heather were wearing black dresses. Naomi called her self Princess Naomi in the wedding and the "couple" said their vows to each other.

"...I promise that I will work hard to make sure I can somehow afford the lavish lifstyle that you want to live. But panties must be worn in public at all times," Mike said in part of his vows.

Naomi said, "Since the first day I saw you I saw dollar signs in your eyes... I appreciate how you were able to see beyond me having sex with your roommate all the time and though I might be doing it again tonight I love you..."

Naomi and Mike kissed at the end in conclusion to their "marriage" ceremony.

When the roomies returned back to the house Naomi says she has to have sex with somebody since it's her wedding night and climbs into bed with Leroy.

"Mike is my guy, my BFF in the house, I'm going to do everything in my power to destroy his wife tonight," Leroy said.

On the roommies last night they all sleep in one big bed. Mike says he has a good friend in Leroy. Cooke says regardless of the girls' cattiness in the beginning they all became friends towards the end.

Nany said her regrets were coming in with a boyfriend, cheating on him with Adam and getting caught up in her and Adam's relationship and she burns old pictures of them.

Dustin said he came to Vegas and fell in love with Heather. So where do they stand? Heather said she loves Dustin but they're both so young and don't want to commit just yet. They said lets say, "never say never."

The next morning is moving day; boxes are packed, hugs are exchanged, tears are shed and another Real World season is a wrap.

Will you miss this season?

Next week is The Real World Las Vegas Reunion and on June 22 The Challenge will return on MTV with a couple of people from this Real World  season.

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