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Rihanna's "California King Bed" & She's Re-Releasing the Album 'Loud'

I just want to start off saying that I love Rihanna, her music, this song and her whole Loud album.

Rihanna is currently on her Loud Tour and there has been recent news that she will re-release her 2010 album Loud with new songs added this fall.

Part of me hates when an artist re-releases an album because now I have to buy the CD again... yes I still buy CD's.

Rihanna tweeted, "The #LOUDera continues with more new music to add to ur collection!!!"

Her latest hit off Loud is "California King Bed" ...

"... Just when I felt like giving up on us
You turned around and gave me one last touch
That made everything feel better ..."

I haven't seen this video circulating around on TV as much as her other videos and I came across it the other day and said to myself, "She has a video for this song!?" And the video has been out since May! I'm slipping. Check it out below: