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Single Ladies: A Decision is Made With April's Marriage, After a String of Dates Val is Still Alone & Keisha Dates a Doctor to Get Over Malcolm

Best Moments Of Episode 3
 April's birthday is coming up and instead of partying like a rock star she wants to keep it low key after her affair blow up with the mayor.

We see April and Darryl at therapy again and the therapist asks April to speak on why she cheated on her husband. Darryl then asks April if she was in love with the Mayor and she answers no.

Australian actress Kassandra Clementi (Christina)
made the opening credits now for Single Ladies.
She landed the supporting role playing Val's intern.
April and Darryl spill out some honesty and April says it felt like everything in their marriage was built on his terms. 

Darryl said he never looked at their marriage from April's point of view and April invites him to her birthday party.

The girls go out to a bar and the affair starts to eat away at April as she starts to get paranoid that everyone is starring.

Keisha meets a doctor and instant attraction flies. She's not thinking about Malcolm and calls the doctor a contender. But in the next scene we see Malcom laying in the bed with a chick thinking about Keisha as he's about to text her but then doesn't.

Keisha said Malcolm needs to beg on all fours for setting her up in the last episode. Later, Malcolm finally calls Keisha but of course she doesn't answer and says, he needs to call two more times which is the minimum to even get a response from her. So Keisha plays her game and continues to ignore him.

In the meantime she is dating the doctor and goes to the opera with him. On their next date, the couple is joined by some of the doctors friends and she gets disrespected by one of the them from being in videos. She then sits there and tries to fit in with the his 'uppidity' friends abut afterwards tells Val that they were over-educated, under dressed snobs.

Keisha tells Val that the doctors friends made her think why she didn't make education a priority. She later on dumps the doctor in the park saying his ego was too big. As she's walking off, Malcolm spots her in the park but he has a girl on his arm, good thing Keisha doesn't see him.

Confidence Games Sneak PeekVal meets Teddy, handsome Lamman Rucker, from Why Did I Get Married and automatically accepts a date from him. She then starts to take on more dates than she can handle and one after another.

"Val it's raining men for you right now and when it rains like this you don't stay inside, you get some boots and a slick and you splash around," Keisha advises to Val.

But Val says she doesn't know how to splash around, Keisha says Val needs "a pair and a spare" instead of being a monogomy girl with dates. Val takes Keisha's advice and starts running game on all her men.

Val and Teddy go on a date and even kiss. While she's on the date with him she's texting another guy she met whhile out with the girls. 

Teddy then has to leave when he gets a phone call from his brother that his car broke down.

The next day football player, Terell Owens brings Val flowers and earrings as he was hooked on Val like the other guys.

"Dating is exhausting so I'm handing in my players card," Val said. She tells Keisha she can actually see a future with Teddy.

So she decides to give Teddy a chance and goes out on a second date to his house. Just as the two are on the couch hooking up, his family walks in, his brother and his brother's kids and Val realizes Teddy doesn't live by himself.

She later come to realize that he calls her 'Auntie Val' infront of the kids and he starts to get her so involved with his family, even watching his brothers kids. Val decides to dump Teddy after realizing he comes with too much baggage too soon.

At the end of the show Darryl shows up at April's birthday party with a present in his hand. April is thrilled that he showed up and he hands her the present saying it's something he has been wanting to give her for awhile now.

Her present turns out to be divorce papers! And on her birthday! He says their last therapy session hit him and he's tired of being the good guy. He ends his goodbye speech with a 'Happy Birthday' leaving her to cry in front of her friends.

Looks like all three ladies won't have a man now.

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