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11 Signs He's Not Headed Toward a Relationship With You

I usually don't pay attention to these types of relationship articles and I usually don't listen to my friends advice when I talk to them about my relationship but articles like this will make you go Hmmm.

So as I continue to read I actually start counting how many things "my significant other" has and also the ones that he used to do or still currently does.

You can't help but to compare this to what your man does, I know I couldn't help it. And if you don't have a man ladies, well then keep this list in mind.

There really is no rule book on relationships it's all about honesty, being honest with yourself and your partner and communicating with them on what you like, what you're looking for and not settling until you find that for yourself.

I may only be 26 but I do know a lot about all kinds of relationships, good and bad, and this list from is the truth.

"So, you're dating someone consistently and he seems to really like you, but you get the feeling he's not gunning for a committed relationship. So what are the specific indications that this guy — as pleasantly as things are going — does not plan to stick around long-term?"

Out of MSN's list these are the four main ones that stick out to me with my reasons as to why they're important:

  • His Ex Is Still In the Picture
This is a major no no ladies! And all that we're just friends now is crap. Don't let your man be friends with their ex. I'm not saying he should hate the chick, they can be cordial but not buddy buddy.

I heard this saying once before, "An ex is an ex because they're an EXample of what you don't need in your life." Apply that quote to your situation and kick the past out! You're his present and hopefully future so keep reading if he thinks so.
  • He Doesn't Introduce You to His Friends
Okay if your dude is hiding you then something is a problem. Men like to show off their "pieces," their "prized possession, they like to brag to their friends about how good you look and how they got a good woman. So when your guy does this be happy because that means he's happy with having you. 

So if you have been with your guy for awhile and you will know what awhile is, not like a month and you want to meet his friends and family already, but a good amount of time and you haven't met his friends he's either A) Embarrased of you, B) Has another girl who knows his friends   or C) Hiding something. There could also be a possible D, E and F added on as to why you haven't met his friends. 
  • No Mentions of Future Plans Together
We already know men and women think differently. For us females we dream about our wedding, kids, our future with our man and all that good stuff. Men like to let the fun out of their system and like the fact that even though they are committed to you they are technically free because they're not married. Men like breathing room and don't want you to "sweat" them about marriage.

So you can't pressure and bug a man to marry you all the time because he'll get tired of it and you might push him away. But do look out for signs. For example, if you're just briefly talking about marriage and where you see your relationship in 10 years and the idea of marriage scares him, then you have a problem. Like really?

If he loves you but can't even at least picture a future of you guys together that includes marriage, then something is up. A man that is really into you and loves you won't want to lose you and let the next man get you. Warning signs, that's all I'm saying.
  • Shows No Interest In People You Love
If your guy shows no interest in wanting to meet your family or doesn't like to do family activities like bbq's, family reunions or even a birthday party...kick him to the curb! Seriously.

If a guy doesn't care about your family, he doesn't care about you. Don't keep this man hidden and away from your family who will eventually want to meet him and know what he's about.

A good man will won't to have a good relationship with your family, especially your dad so they can connect on that manly level. And an even better man comes over and talks to the family, makes it in his best interest to speak to them every so often and if you have been together for awhile his family starts to become your extended family and vice-versa. For example, Mother's Day starts to become more serious and not only would you think about what to get your mom but what to get your boyfriend's mom because you want to make a good impression on the parents and you start to care more and more.

A good man will also want to get to know your friends, that doesn't mean he'll like them all but your friends should be introduced to your man if the relationship is serious.

Your man should show interest in the people you love as well as in the things you love. For example, if you love your career, like you're really passionate about it and your man shows no interest in what you do or doesn't even simply asks you, "how was work today?" or "what did you do at work today?" well then, he doesn't care.

Relationships are a lot of work, you have to be willing to spend your valuable time with another person, commit and actually get to know them and try to understand and like some of the things they do. You might also have to make some sacrifices to please the other person. If you don't think you can do this then by all means stay single!

See MSN's complete list HERE.