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Bad Girls Club: New Orleans Season 7 Premiere Pushed Back, House Tour and the New Cast

Much anticipation is building up to see the seven new bad girls take over Oxygen's airwaves this summer. 

Many fans thought Bad Girls Club season 7 was coming on last night but the premiere "I Got the VooDoo for U" has been pushed back to August 1st at 8 p.m. on Oxygen.

On this new season there are no Jersey girls, we had enough Jersey chicks last season. There are two chicks from New York. I wonder if they will join forces and team up against the other girls.

Will these seven girls last? Yea right! Never on the Bad Girls Club has the original seven stayed together for the entire season.

The new cast:

Angelic Castillo is from the Bronx, New York and is known as "The Bronx Bombshell" 
Judi Jai is from Olympia Fields, Illinois and is known as "The Voodoo Vixen"
Nastasia Townsend is from Sacramento, California and is known as "The Powerhouse"
Priscilla Mennella is from Staten Island, New York and is known as "The Staten Island Spitfire"
Shelly is from St. Louis, Missouri and is known as "The Lady Killer"
Tasha Malek is from Miami, Florida and is known as "The Posh Princess"
Tiara Hodge is from Houston, Texas and is known as "The Goofy Gangsta"

Many controversies have already been reported about the upcoming season of the Bad Girls Club; like two of the castmates getting into a brawl and involving the police, the location of the house and the unhappy neighbors and also TMZ reported that production was banned from at least eight clubs due to the clubs "not wanting to be associated with the show's bad image."

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The house this season is edgier, darker and sexier according to the designer and decorator. I do like the champagne room it gives off a sexy vibe and includes a stripper pole in the middle of the room. I do think it's a little weird that each of the girls have a voodoo doll of themselves in the house. Check out a house tour below: