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The Challenge Rivals (Last Weeks Recap): CT and Wes Get in a Heated Argument, Mandi is now Labeled CT's "Groupie"

House Drama
The show starts off with everyone in the pool and it seems like Wes has his eyes set on a new piece of eye candy...Mandi!

"Mandi obviously looks good and she'd probably be my number one target if I was going for anybody but she's acting like CT's groupie which is quite possibly one of the most disappointing things that I've seen in a long time," Wes said.

Somebody seems a little jealous that they don't have their own personal "groupie."

Mandi shows CT the type of choking she likes.
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Later on in the episode, Mandi is back to flirting with CT and a freaky Mandi wants CT to choke her out but he says it doesn't do it for him.

"I think it's a really bad idea for Mandi to hook up with CT..." Wes said.

He then advises Mandi to back off and tells her CT is physcho.

Mandi goes back to CT and tells him what Wes said. CT see's it all as a game and is trying to get some of the girls on his side for numbers.

Some of the girls in the house start talking about strategies to win and how to win friends to get numbers on their sid, something that Camila and Theresa start to notice.

We all know this is a game of politics, the more popular and the more friends they gather in the house means the more number of votes to stay in the game longer.

Paula and Evelyn talk about how them going into the jungle on the first episode was good for their team because it'll make them stronger. Paula, a veteran who has yet to win a challenge, says she even has people on the street cheering for her and wanting her to win this one.

Cara Maria on the other hand, says her and her partner Laurel  don't talk like Evelyn and Paula. Cara Maria says communication is key and that is something her and Laurel slack on in the house, this also haunts them later on in the challenge.

CT tries to intimidate Wes when he pokes the beast.
CT is no punk
Wes is still on CT's ass and tells him straight up that he doesn't care how good he is but he's going to try and send him home. Wes and Kenny still see CT as a threat and they should, CT is a beast.

Wes tries his sneaky ways in thinking he can get CT heated up in order to send him packing early.

CT fires back after he realizes Wes is hunting for him and tells Wes he made it personal with trying to take his money away which would provide food on his family's table.

"My top priority is to f*ck you up Wes, until you leave," CT said in Wes' face.

CT said he can't wait to get his hands on "the little punk." But he is smarter than that and doesn't throw a sucker punch first to get sent home.

Wes calls CT a bully and talks to Adam about it. Adam says it's hard to back up his partner CT when everyone is against him.

The next morning, CT and Wes start arguing again and Kenny breaks it up as the teams head off to their next challenge.

This Weeks Challenge

The challenge this week is called "Sync or Swim". Two teams took turns to compete against each other as they had to dig dirt out, fly across water on ziplines and swim to the finish line.

Cara Maria and Laurel don't listen to each other once again and DQ in the challenge. They make a simple mistake in just grabbing the zipline when they were supposed to jump and grab the zipline.

None of the girls are able to grab this impossible zipline and they all wind up falling into the water and having to swim more to the finish line.
 When it's the guys turn, Mike and Leroy are one of the first teams up. A scared Mike who doesn't like heights decides to stick it out for his partner. The two miss the zipline and Mike takes a hard hit into the water with Leroy falling on top of him, taking a knee to the chest. 

Mike pulls it off and finishes the challenge but right after, the paramedics had to check him out and he starts spitting up blood. Mike goes to the hospital right away but he comes back to the house later feeling better.

CT and Adam are the only team to successfully jump to the zipline.
CT and Adam hold on to the zipline and get the best time
Last to go up in the challenge is CT and Adam vs. Kenny and Wes. How convenient, which was set up by the previous winners CT and Adam who made the order for this challenge. 

CT and Adam were the only group to jump unto the zipline and actually hold on which allowed them to have the best time out of the boys.
Even though it's a girls elimination week, CT tasted the victory and said it felt good to beat trash talkers Wes and Kenny. Him and his partner Adam also won $2,000.

Evelyn and Paula win the challenge for the girls and are safe from elimination while Laurel and Cara Maria were dead last because of their DQ. This leads them straight to the jungle.

Elimination Week
Theresa and Camila know they're the chosen ones to go up against Laurel and Cara Maria and they come up with a plan to tell the castmates they're quitting.

Theresa and Camila show up to compete in the jungle.
Theresa and Camila competing on one side of "Door Jam"
Everyone starts calling Theresa and Camila losers and quitters but back in their room they laugh and giggle to themselves. 

They said they told everyone they are going to throw the jungle challenge but in reality they're not really going to do it.

They want Laurel and Cara Maria to think they're going to have an easy elimination round as they go in. 

Well their plan doesn't work and Camila and Theresa lose this week in a challenge called "Door Jam."

Towards the end of the show, Wes plans to throw next weeks challenge so everyone can send him and Kenny into the jungle to take out CT and Adam.

Who do you think is the stronger team and who will last longer? Wes and Kenny? or CT and Adam?