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Single Ladies (Last Weeks Recap): Val Goes on a Male Cleansing & Darryl Makes April Pay

"The more dates I go on the more they feel like job interviews," says Val who decides to take a break from dating. As she is questioning herself, she realizes she's a man junkie, which is what Keisha calls her as well.

Val says she has always been in a relationship since 7th grade. I can sympathize with this character because I've been the same way. It's like you become attached to making someone your other half that you don't even know how to be single and alone anymore. 

Val then decides to go three weeks to a month without men and calls it a cleansing.

Keisha on the other hand, calls herself a recreational user instead of a male junkie and says she does it for the sport. She meets up with her exercise trainer at her apartment which instantly turns into a steamy, hot make out session and they "work out" all right.

While shopping with Val for golf items, April looks to pay with her credit card and the card doesn't work. Uh oh, Darryl is starting already. Thinking she has money, April calls the bank and finds out Darryl has been purchasing items on behalf of her bank account. He's keeping his promise on emptying out her trust fund.

Ah divorce. Such a shame and a time where people's true colors come out after years of marriage.

While at the golf store, Val racks up a little over $2,000 and realizes she left her credit card in her other purse at home. After realizing she cannot pay for her items a handsome man named Jerry, who she was checking out around the store, comes over and offers to pay for her tab.

After Jerry pays Val asks if he would like check or cash to pay him back.

He says, "I don't see a hand on that pretty little finger so how about you pay me back with a date."

I'm thinking like, oh boy. Val be strong! What about your male cleansing!?

She doesn't get sucked in at the moment and tells him that now is not the time for her to date and instead will pay him back with clothes from her boutique since he won't accept money.

The ladies later on go to a party, which they are invited to by intern Christina. She's a trip too as well as drunk and making out in bathrooms.

The party is not what the ladies are expecting and they're surrounded by a much younger crowd. Val checks out some of Christina's fashion pieces there and also gets beer spilled on her feet. Keisha opens up a magazine and flips to a page where she see's Malcolm posed up with a model. She gets mad and says Malcolm promised her she would be the first to model with him. Then an 18-year-old approaches Keisha and asks for her number.

"When you turn 21 find me, I'll promise we'll make it happen," she tells him.

The next day while at the boutique, Darryl meets April and he pulls up in a BMW. He gets out and is holding shopping bags as he's showing off his new lifestyle of spending.

Darryl wants Aprils to end up with nothing and says, "I'm burning through your trust until I get what I want...lose my name, my ring and get completely out my life."

April tells Darryl she didn't cheat on purpose and didn't mean to hurt him. A malicious Darryl shows no mercy.

"...You didn't give my feelings a second thought before you decided to go out a bang somebody else," he said.

Keisha has some advice for April and tells her to lawyer up since Darryl is playing the game dirty.

As Val is about to close up the shop, Jerry from the golf course decides to stop by. He tells Val he didn't come for the clothes but came to take her out on a date so she can pay for his dinner which would be like paying him back. He gets slick and pre-pays for their dinner so Val keeps saying she still owes him money.

He treats her like a perfect gentleman and as I thought he would reach in to kiss her at the end of their date, he reaches out and kisses her hand. He then says, "I'll see you in my dreams Valerie."


But not aww for long. As Val returns back to her and Keisha's apartment it's in shambles and has been broken into. She calls Keisha up and Keisha instructs her to look in her bedroom where there is money stashed in a drawer, to take it out and put it in a bag to hide before the police get to the scene.

Half is April's money which she's hiding from Darryl and half is Keisha's money from poker which she's hiding from the IRS.

Keisha realizes the same chocolates that her and her trainer were eating during her "workout" before are moved and she comes to a conclusion that he's the one who broke into their place.

Val tells Keisha if she would have just woman'ed up and told Malcolm she loves him instead of messing around with random men then that wouldn't have happened.

Keisha fires back and says if Val stuck to her man cleanse then Val would have been at home instead of out on her date with Jerry and then none of that would have happened.

A week later Keisha can't manage to track down her trainer and Val tells her to let it go. Keisha also realizes a valuable lesson from getting robbed and decides that she will tell Malcolm the truth about how she robbed his jewelry from the video shoot.

Jerry comes back to the store and Val tells him she wants to get to know him and she pays him back with a bag full of clothes from her boutique. Val tells Jerry about her personal promise to herself and says she can't rush into anything physical. He agrees and says he'll take things at her pace.

April meets up with Darryl again and says she's tired of fighting, she has a lawyer and oh yeah...she gives him her wedding ring back.

While the ladies are watching TV at the end of the episode, Queen Latifa is shown on TV as a news reporter and she's talking about women sleeping with other women and not considering themselves gay. During a break, she thinks she's off air and says she slept with her roommate Val back in college. Tonight we find out more about this story so tune in.