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If You Quit Your Job You Must Go Out With A Bang! Like This Person...

Taco Bell Quit Sign
According to a Taco Bell manager in New York was fed up with not getting any days off, 22 in a row, he says. He requested the 4th of July off, got denied and some of his other co-workers request's off got granted.

Well this obviously pissed the manager off and he decided to let everyone know publicly that he didn't want to work there anymore by putting "I Quit- Adam. F**k You" up on the light up sign out front of the Taco Bell! Wow! Oh yeah and lets not forget the smiley face added at the end.

Supposedly the Adam guy is the shift manager who didn't give the employee off.

This is hilarious I must say. Only if I had the balls to quit my past retail and restaurant jobs in an upscale way like this, lol. I doubt if he gets any good references from this job.