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Laker Player Involved in Car Crash that Killed a 15-year-old Boy

It was recently reported that basketball forward for the Lakers, Lamar Odom was riding in the backseat of a car service vehicle Thursday night when it crashed into a motorcyclist that in turn hit the 15-year-old in the Queens section of New York.

The teen was taken to a hospital with major head injuries. He died Friday and was buried this past Monday.

Odom was visiting his hometown for a cousin's funeral and had hired a car service to bring him around the city, according to TMZ.

Odom tweeted his sympathy, "Thank you for your support and prayers! My thoughts and prayers are with the young boy's family."

Odom's wife Khloe Kardashian also tweeted her sympathy for the boy's family: "My heart/soul goes out 2every1 in pain from any suffering. Pray 4all of the angels surrounding us constantly. May our spirits stay strong."

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