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Power 105.1 "The Breakfast Club" Disses Lil' Mama & Rapper Khia Steps Up to Defend Her Starting a Twitter Beef

DJ Envy vs. Khia
You gotta love a good ol' roast, especially when it involves celebs or are they? DJ Envy from the radio station Power105.1 went in on the radio about the "My Neck, My Back" rapper Khia.

He played Khia's 2002 hit for like 10 seconds and then said, "old a** b*tch I would never in my life play your record." 

Lil' Mama having a momet during her interview
with "The Breakfast Club"
Khia was already beefing with Charlamagne from Power 105.1 about "The Breakfast Club's" roast on rapper Lil' Mama a couple days ago. Khia didn't like what they had to say.

(Lil' Mama Roast Video below) 

Khia tweeted, "@LILMAMA breakfast club Im coming for that a** if you don't leave LILMAMA alone."

Charlamagne in the back

Then Khia started focusing her attention on DJ Envy. She replied to his on air remarks via Twitter, which is the new place to air out dirty laundry.
Does anybody care? Unlike DJ Envy, Khia isn't even Twitter verified, like one person pointed out on Twitter. I just thought it was funny how they went at it back and forth. 

Take a look at some of the twitter beef between DJ Envy and Khia:


" ur broke, u suck u had 1 hit...ur tittities sag 2 ur knees.."

"This is how u shut-up a Stupid Broke Bum B*tch @queenkhia..U Plank on a 275k Ferrari & 150k Porsche."

"No more 2 say 2 until she moves in 2 my tax ur homework & a HIT RECORD is when the world knows the song..not ur fam"

In case you missed Lil' Mama's interview: "What Have You Done Lately?" Power's Charlamagne asked Lil' Mama as the roast starts...

Charlamagne told Lil' Mama she has a lot of confidence but she needs to accomplish a lot more before she comes off as cocky.

"I'm not gonna come to a radio station or anywhere else and let anyone strip me of my pride," Lil' Mama responded back.

"The Breakfast Club" asked Lil' Mama about interrupting Jay-Z and Alicia Keys 2009 VMA performance and they also talked about her comments about Nicki Minaj copying her style. Take a look below: