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Romeo and Meagan Good an Item? What Does She Say...

RUMOR ALERT: So supposedly former Dancing With the Stars contest Romeo and actress Meagan Good have been linked to being romantically involved. Both were also in the movie Jumping the Broom. reports that a source confirmed that they are indeed dating. Meagan was spotted leaving a Los Angeles nightclub with the rapper on Thursday, June 7th. The two attended the club together and walked to a vehicle, where Meagan got behind the wheel and Romeo took the passenger seat.

Another source says something different. Click HERE to read more.

I think they make a cute couple despite Romeo being several years younger than Meagan.

There were also past rumors about the two dating, but Meagan says otherwise. She recently tweeted:

Meagan Good
MTO:4the record,4the millionth wrong story on who I'm NOT dating smh"Little Romeo is like a brother2me" ..thats it,we r fam,good Lord smh