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Single Ladies: Love is in the Air

On Last Weeks Single Ladies: Old men re-appear in the ladies lives. As Malcolm and Keisha are now an item, she starts staying at Malcom's house more and out of nowhere, Keisha's old boy toy, Woody wants her back. But she disses him and lets him know she's off the market.

Quinn comes back to Val and shows up at her door. He says he's been through counseling and that he's ready for her now. Val actually laughs in his face which was awesome. 

Quinn says he wants to put the past behind them and try again. Val tells him it's too little and way too late and then she lets him know that she's dating the owner of his team, Jerry, which pisses him off.

"I know I messed up but damn you don't get a dude back like that," Quinn said.

"Why do men have to lose you before they realize that you mean something to them?" Val asks. Good question. People always want something they can't have. Men have to learn hard lessons and now Quinn will know he let Val, who was a good woman to him, get away.

"We are walking goddesses and they do not deserve us, period." Val said.

April continues to make music with Reed, Keisha and Val think they have a connection, but April is still technically married and makes note of that to Reed.

The ladies show up for a nice brunch at Malcom's house which gets interrupted as Malcom's brother Terrance pops up in the picture who is fresh out of jail. The brunch is really intense and Terrance says he just did time in jail for Malcolm.

Now Keisha starts to find out more about Malcom's pass which has been pretty secretive so far.

Jerry and Malcolm joke the ladies
This weeks show starts off with Keisha and Val planning an intimate dinner with them and their men. Their party of four turns into dinner for ten, when April, Omar and Christina bring their dates along as well.

While at Keisha and Val's dinner party, Omar gets drunk while thinking his date Vincent is standing him up, but then he shows up at the end. 

Reed and April celebrateApril starts to catch feelings for her artist, Reed and they hear his song played on the radio at the dinner party. The two quickly celebrate and also share a kiss. Comes to find out Reed slept with the DJ who played his song (played by Kelly Rowland) in thinking he'll get airtime for his single.

Malcolm keeps takng phone calls during the dinner party and Keisha goes to check on him and overhears his conversation.

"...C'mon you know you'll always have a special place with me, I'll take care of it, I promise..."

She questions him afterwards and he plays it off saying he wasn't talking to anybody important and then says the person was just an old friend.

Keisha snoops Malcolm's phoneAfter the party, Keisha heads back to Malcolm's house and while he's showering she snoops through his cell phone to see he's been talking to a female.

She later confronts him and finds out he's been talking to his ex-wife. Now she finds out even more of Malcom's past and didn't even know he was married.

Another side of Keisha comes to face and she tells Malcolm why she doesn't do relationships and let men in because her ex cheated on her.

Malcolm tells Keisha he would never hurt her and she believes him. Malcolm then says he loves her and Keisha says she loves him back. Who would have ever thought Keisha, the player, would say those words.

A hornball Christina finds out her new boy toy has a low libido and he tells her a relationship isn't always about having sex, something she isn't used to. She winds up telling him she can't date him because she likes sex more.

Jerry just wants to take care of ValAfter Val serves everybody, makes the food and cleans up by herself after refusing help from Jerry, he points out her problem and says she's used to taking care of everybody but herself. Val admits to always being the giver in her relationship.

Jerry wants to be able to take care of her and he washes her in a bubble bath with candles lit all around the tub and then he tucks her in, awww.

Like a gentleman he leaves afterwards, but Val calls him back and asks him, "Keep taking care of me please."

She gives in to her three month rule of no sex and opens all the way up to Jerry. Val tells her girlfriends that she's never felt so warm, safe or special and had all of her needs met so well, she even thinks she's falling in love with Jerry.

A lot has changed with these ladies between now and the first episode. April is now the single one and Keisha and Val both have new loves.

Do you think Keisha is getting played by Malcolm? And will Val finally settle all the way down with Jerry or is he just the next one for now?


  1. this week was one of the better episodes of the season. that Jerry giving Val a bath scene was hot! Keisha definitely got thrown a curve ball by Malcolm. i guess that whole relationship has ironies in it. good recap! i'll be sure to RT it as well.

  2. Thank you! And yes Jerry is too perfect, I hope Val doesn't screw it up and I hope he's not hiding any skeletons in the closet.


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