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America's Got Talent: Male Pole Dancer Kills His Performance as Some of the Judges Aren't Feeling It

One of the judges on America's Got Talent, Piers Morgan, says "America got it wrong!" to a male pole dancer who it made through this weeks eliminations.

48 acts are left on America's Got Talent and only four out of the 12 acts continue to go through on every other episode for a step closer to the 1 million dollar prize, which included 24-year-old Steven Retchless who calls himself a "pole-fessional."

Piers and the other AGT judge, Howie Mandel, thinks that America can't warm up to the idea of male pole dancers. Since the beginning Piers made it clear that he wasn't going to fall in love with this act and on Monday's show Piers still doesn't like the male pole dancing. He was also the only judge to buzz Steven on both of his performances.

Well I think Piers is wrong and I usually agree with his judgement but for this act I think he's being sexist and a hater because this guy clearly has talent and knows how to work that pole and Steven totally has my vote.

Like Nick says after the performance, "talent is talent, it doesn't matter if you have on high heels or not."

Check out Steven's very first performance on AGT below as he dances to Katy Perry's "E.T" and watch all the way to the end to when Nick tries to work the pole as well, lol.

Check out Steven's latest performance HERE.

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