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America's Debt & Ashton Kutcher's advice on Credit

With America's current debt crises and the Standard & Poor downgrading the U.S. credit, it makes you wonder what is next?

The U.S. Credit Rating was downgraded from AAA to AA+ and the Standard & Poor is getting lots of criticism for cutting the U.S. credit rating. The Treasury, on its website, accused S&P of changing the rationale for its downgrade after Treasury pointed out a $2 trillion error in its calculations.

What happens now? Read more HERE.

The Standard & Poor downgrade of U.S. treasury bonds is historic news, everyone is talking about it, even the stars.

The Teen Choice Awards aired yesterday and Ashton Kutcher, who will appear in Two and a Half Men this fall, won "Choice Actor: Romantic Comedy" for No Strings Attached and during his acceptance speech made a comment about credit which can be related to the current debt ceiling crisis.

Kutcher said, “The whole United States of America needs to hear’s the best piece of advice I got when I was a teenager. Don’t ever charge anything on a credit card if you don’t already have the money in the bank to pay for it.”

I concur.


  1. Ashton is turning conservative in his old age, good for him, he's finally getting a clue!


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