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'Basketball Wives' is Being Seen as a Negative Portrayel of Black Women, Meeka Claxton Speaks on It and her Lawsuit

Meeka                                                                      Tami
Meeka Claxton, the only wife on the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives, recently did an interview with Essence magazine and says she is suing Tami Roman, another Basketball Wives castmember.

The two were involved in a reality smack down as Tami hit Meeka first in a club while the ladies were vacationing in Italy.

Heels, Shoes & Butts Out...Oh My! Tami vs. Meeka

In her interview with Essence Meeka also speaks about how the show portrays black women:

"...I refuse to fight on TV. It was embarrassing. We were the only Black people there and we’re adding to the negative stereotypes of Black women. I was disappointed in Tami as a woman and adult, [the lawsuit is] about consequences to your actions..."

Shaunie O'Neal, executive producer and cast member, said that she gets a lot of flack from people saying her show portrays black women in a negative way.

Meeka also said, "I feel bad that Shaunie O’Neal is taking the brunt of the criticism because we’re contributing to the problem with our actions. That’s where I’m going with [my lawsuit] with Tami, you can’t do that."