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La La's Topic of the Hour Recap: Fantasies

                     "Our fantasies reflect our anxieties."

Incase you missed the show earlier today on (shame on you) I will start posting a recap of my topic of the hour every Monday after the show.

Today's topic was about sexual fantasies and I covered the top male and female fantasies as well as spilling a couple of other people's fantasies.

Once settled into a relationship and the spark of lust has worn off, the majority of people do not get their sexual turn-ons from their partner. In fact, it has been said that a top fantasy while having sex with your partner is fantasizing about someone else; a celebrity, an ex, an acquaintance, etc.

When fantasizing and exploring our dark side, many of us wouldn't act out on these fantasies and actually experience it because it is safer just to think about them.

"Accept your sexual fantasies without judging them."

So what are the top things women fantasize about:

-Dominating a male
-Sex with a stranger
-Role playing
-Making sex videos
-Inviting a third party to the bedroom

Top male fantasies: (According to
Men are fascinated with lesbians because they think they can join, they're infatuated, and it's a naughty act to them.

-Threesome with two women
-Playing dressup, woman wearing sexy outfits
-Age differences, older men with younger chicks, younger men with older chicks
-A change of scenery

"Sex in specific places is one of the most exciting fantasies for many men."

The fear of being caught really heightens your senses and ups the sexual experience as well.

According to, and their poll of 10,000 people, men and women have the same top-five fantasies. Men have all these fantasies because some women aren't turning them into a reality. 

Percentages on what women would/want to do:

80% of women want to touch themselves as their partner watches
74% of women want to be spanked during sex
63% wants a man to pull her hair during sex
64% want to have sex with a man in a public place
47% of women would visit a strip club with their male partner
72% of women would watch porn with their males partner
25% of women want a threesome with their male partner and another woman

While talking with some men about this topic I found out some of their fantasies:

- Getting head under water
- Having sex on the beach
- Getting head while driving really fast
- Doing reverse cowgirl while driving
- Having sex in an office setting on a table/desk

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