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A Bride Watches Her Husband Get Eaten By a Shark on Honeymoon

Some crazy news: A British honeymooner was eaten by a shark on Tuesday while swimming close to the shore in the Seychelles.

The 30-year-old and his wife were recently celebrating their two-week honeymoon. The husband was swimming off Anse Lazio beach on the island of Paslin and was attacked by a 6-foot shark.

According to reports, the wife was sunbathing when she heard her husband's screams for help and witnessed the attack!

Tourists on the beach watched as the man yelled "help!" One tourist even told the Sun"There was a horrific amount of blood in the water and it was exactly like a scene from Jaws."

The man was brought to shore following the attack, then rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead from massive blood loss.