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Jersey Shore: The Situation's 3-Some, "Twinning", Deena Blocks It, and Ron & Sam Again!?

The show starts off with Mike getting plenty of action from his D.T.F chick, Brittany, and the action doesn't stop there for him.

Mike meets a pair of twins at a club who magically keep popping up throughout the episode, they start to become known as the stalkers. He tells the twins with confidence, "I gaurentee I'll bring you and your sister home."

Deena is on a mission to find an Italian man. She meets a waiter from a restaurant who later shows up at the club and the two start making out. She brings her waiter man back to the house where she gets slammed by her roommates, Vinny and Pauly.

"Oh yeah, get it in," Pauly says as him and Vinny pop up in the room on Deena.

The boys start yelling out how they're kicked out their room because Deena is getting it in and she has a melt down.

"First of all I'm not doing sex...I'm just cuddling with this guy. It's my room too so don't talk sh*t. If you guys f*cked a girl I wouldn't give a f*ck," Deena said to the boys.

When she returns to the room her guy wants to go home but she says no. This is the funny the middle of the night the dude sneaks out bed and leaves the house while everyone is asleep.

The next day, those same twins from the club show up at the house for Mike after Pauly and Ronnie prank him by telling the twins to come over. Not much of a prank for Mike when they show up because he plans on smushing both of them anyway. So he just goes with the flow and takes the twins out.

"Mike definitely has an agenda and he has a secret motive for these twins because Mike doesn't take girls out on dates, especially during the day time," Vinny said.

Ronnie and Sammi seem to be getting along now and they have a romantic lunch together.

 It's so obvious these two still love each other. They decide to start all over, giving their relationship one more shot. So yes, Ronnie and Sammi are back together...again!

"With Sam I feel like this time is going to be different...I feel like we can now move on from the past," Ronnie said.

Vinny and Pauly had some funny thoughts about Ron and Sam getting back together again...

"I always said when Ron and Sam get back together after all of this sh*t is said and done, I'll kill myself. When you think of suicide on somebody else's relationship that's how bad it is," Pauly said.

Vinny said, "When they're together they both wear black, it's like a funeral." Lol.

The roomies head on out to club Flo and the twins show up again! Pauly likes to call it "Twinning!"

Deena comes over to Mike and his girls and pulls one of the twins away saying she's a good time, a blast in a glass like her. She grabs the girls head and they start making out in the club.

The boys are like, "ohhhh Deena pulled a robbery on Mike!" And that she does.

Deena brings her twin back home to bed. And Mike tells Snooki that Deena is selfish and that he's disappointed in her.

Why didn't Mike just join in on all the action and make it a four-some?

Deena's girl winds up jumping from bed to bed. She gets in Vinny's bed then Deena takes her back to her bed and the girl just gets passed around.

Later on in the night Deena says hooking up with a girl is not her thing and sends the twin back over to Vinny's bed.

Remember Mike told Ronnie that he hooked up with Snooki two months before the cast started filming in Italy and while Snooki was with her boyfriend? Well Ronnie let the secret out to Jwoww and now the whole house knows.

"I f*cking told on Mike, yeah. Mike ratted me out in Miami, Mike ratted me out in Jersey, so what guy code is there between me and Mike, there is none!" Ronnie said.

Snooki flips out when Jwoww goes back and tells her what Mike said. She denies cheating on her boyfriend and even denies hooking up with Mike. But Mike swears he had sex with Snooki exactly two months before Italy.

So who is telling the truth? Is Snooki in denial and just trying to protect her relationship or is Mike trying to stir up trouble?

Next week: Looks like we get to see that fight between Ronnie and Mike!

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