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Single Ladies: Keisha Meets A Part of Malcolm's Past & Jerry Drops a Bomb on Val

This week on Single Ladies we're introduced to Malcolm's ex-wife, Ashlee. Keisha also meets her for the first time as Ashlee pops up at Malcolm's house to talk about his brother Terrance.

I didn't like that little stare between Malcolm and Ashlee as all three of them walked out the house together.

Keisha hears the back story of how Malcolm and Ashlee met. Malcolm tells her that he basically married and used Ashlee to start off his jewelry business since her father has money.

This week, Terrance is back in the picture and asks Malcolm to buy him out of his company and to give him his money. I feel bad blood between these two.

A pissed off Terrance walks pass Keisha in the house and tells her, "Watch your back with him, everything isn't what it seems, especially with Ashlee."

Keisha confronts Ashlee when she shows up at Malcom's house unannounced for the second time. Keisha points out that she doesn't trust her and confronts Ashlee on any potential feelings she may have for Malcolm. She lets her know not to get in the middle of her and her mans relationship.

Jerry confesses to Val that he has fallen for her and she says it back! Wow, this was fast.  But Jerry shares a secret with Val. He says he made himself a promise about marriage and kids. 

Jerry confesses that he has been married and divorced three times and after the last marriage he has decided on nomore unhappy endings. He also dropped another bomb and said he has four children and says he's done in that area as well.

This leaves Val speechless at first, no marriage and no kids in her future if she decides to stay with him. Well, no one is perfect and there goes the flaws in Jerry that I seemed to be waiting for.

April and Keisha tell Val that Jerry is offering her the happily ever after and the marriage part is not that serious.

April says divorce is hell and is unsure if she wants to get married again. But Val wants the fairytale but then seems to feel she's getting caught up in an idea.

Loosey goosey Christina is involved in a three way, but a problem occurs when she turns into the third wheel and is left out of the make out party.

She later confesses to Omar that she only did the threesome because she has feelings for the guy involved in the threesome.

Later on, the crew and their men go out to a club in support of April and Reed performs on stage. Malcolm receives a phone call that Terrance got arrested at Ashlee's salon and he makes an early exit.

Val tells Jerry at the end that she can't agree on a relationship and on the terms he proposed because it would be robbing herself from the life she is looking forward to and she kisses him goodbye. Not surprising as the show is entitled "Single Ladies".

Should Val settle and be happy with Jerry or should she move on and look for "the one" who may very well still be out there for her?

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