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America's Got Talent: The Final Four Perform, Did One Act Blow It?

Who will win?

The final four:
Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. - Landau blew everybody away tonight with his amazing vocals in singing a Frank Sinatra classic, "My Way." Piers called Landau's performance a million dollar performance, Sharon said the song was perfectly sung and she said Landau gave her goosebumps. Howie said there's a good chance that Landau sealed the deal.

We also found out that on the final show later on today, Landau will perform a special duet with the legendary  Patti Labelle. That is major, go Landau!!

Team iLuminate - The team said they thought bigger and brighter for tonights performance and that they did! This is definitely a Vegas show. Those special effects, all those lights and dance moves were crazy!

Nick called it a sensational performance, Sharon called it groundbreaking and brilliant, Howie said they also deserve to win. He also said, America votes on personality and says he hopes America see's this because he feels as if Team iLuminate is at a disadvantage as a group. And Piers said the group is exactly what America needs right now and called their performance superb.

Ventriloquist Terry Fator, a previous America's Got Talent winner, came back to grace the AGT stage tonight. He also offered his advice to the finalist and said whether they win or not, just making it to the top 4 is a tremendous accomplishment.

Poplyfe - They sung classics from the Beetles and the Jackson 5, I was thinking how can they possibly step it up? In last nights performance they sung Queen "We Will Rock You" and then made an early statement in singing "We are the Champions." This was the only performance that the judges didn't stand up and clap for.

The judges told Poplyfe that their vocals were a little bit shaky, Sharon said the singing wasn't great tonight but the passion was and that America should vote based on the whole season not just on tonights performances.

Nick also announced that Poplyfe will be performing with legendary Stevie Wonder later during the finale.

Silhouettes - This young group danced ever so lovely to Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World." Piers said the performance was terrific, Sharon said it was inspirational and Howie said they performed the perfect word at the end, "love" and he said America has a tough job and people have to vote for the act that they love best.

Final Four Acts Perform on AGT Finals

Nick says the results this season have been the closest ever. So I hoped everybody voted!

I'm going with Team iLuminate, they were consistently great throughout the entire season and ended with a bang!

WIll your favorite win? Find out later on tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC to see which finalists becomes the newest star!