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America's Got Talent: The Top 10 Compete for a Place in the Finals

This week on America's Got Talent: All of the contestants are one step away from entering the finals but only four out of the ten will advance on. Lets take a look at the top ten in the order that they performed on last nights show.

Keep in mind not only are these acts competing for one million dollars but they're competing to perform for a Vegas act.

Miami All Stars - The first performance to kick off the night and the first buzzer from the judges as Piers buzzed one of his favorite performances. The theme of their performance was representing NFL kickoff week but they winded up looking more like a cheerleading group. Sharon said the group could have came up with something more sophisticated. Piers said the dancing chicken in their performace was silly. I really liked this dance group on their last performance when they did swing dancing but they went backwards and this performance wasn't as good as the last one.

"...So you went from being an explosive, fantastic dance act to this rather silly cheerleading act..,." Piers said.

Lys Agnes - This opera singer sung her unique version of Aerosmith's "Dream On." She said she wanted to fuse the rock and opera together in a non-traditional piece in which she sung in a lower tone. I like Lys Agnes. Her performance took off kind of slow because I wasn't used to hearing the new low tone of hers but the end was amazing when she hit those high notes. But the judges think her taking this risk may cost her votes as people may not adopt to her different style.

landon-swank-agt-2.jpgLandon Swank - This magician doesn't need much to win over the crowd, no special effects, smoke or fire in this performance, but more laid back. Landon started off with putting an orange pill in his mouth and spitting it out into a glass which came out of his mouth as a goldfish. Then he took the fish out of the glass and put it through glass into the fish tank as we see his hand and arm pass through the glass and water. All I was thinking was how did he do that!? And where did that fish go at the end? I didn't see it swimming around in the tank. But Landon assured Sharon that the fish was okay. Hmm...

Anna Graceman - I call this little girl a mini Christina Aguilera with the way she can blow as she was singing "Your True Colors." Piers said she has an amazing pair of lungs but she missed a couple of notes, he called her a nearly perfect singer. But is this "nearly perfect singer" good enough to be included in the final four?

Silhouettes - Okay I'ma keep it real with this performance. Yes these little kids are cute, creative, different and they project great messages throughout their dance but compared to the other performances I don't think their act is good enough. Howie went as far to say they are a definite final act.

And Piers said, "America has gone through a tough guys come along and tell a story that lifts the heart and makes us proud to be American...that is something that is apart of this show." He also said, "The best performance tonight by a mile."

Well I think Piers spoke to soon because the show only got better towards the end...

Smage Bros. Riding Shows - I think this is the type of performance people would want to see in Vegas. But these brothers made a couple of boo boo's and repeatedly knicked the poor kid with the motorcycle, but not to worry he said he was ok afterwards. And oh yeah these guys planked! But I don't think they will be included in the top four.

Poplyfe - After killing their last performance singing a classic Beatles song, Poplyfe came right back with another classic and sung The Jackson's "I'll Be There" and then picked up the pace and sung "I Want You Back." Although it was a Jackson's song, this pop band put their own spin on it and I really like these little kids. Howie even said they appeal to a wide audience and people would be idiots if they didn't vote for them. I concur.

West Springfield Dance Team - In the beginning I liked this horror dance group but I think they blew it tonight. I gotta agree with the judges on this one and say the performance wasn't as exciting because it's too predictable now. Piers buzzed them and said the choreography was boring and they should have changed up their style to surprise everyone and show a different range besides the horror stuff. But they didn't, oh well.

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - This dude right here is so classy and smooth. I loved the song choice, Dean Martin's "Ain't That a Kick in the Head." Landau's voice is incredible and the band was perfect. He had everyone standing on their feet at the end of his performance. Piers even said he would pay his own money to go see Landau perform for an hour and a half.

Team iLuminate - The last performance to conclude the night and another act that brought the crowd and the judges to their feet. This glow in the dark dance team is so different and creative. I loved the ending when one of the dancers was shown what it looked like walking on top of other dancers, like they were walking up stairs. Check it out below:

My top 4 picks: This is some tough competition but who do I think did the best and who can I see performing in Vegas and making it big?

1) Team iLuminate
2) Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
3) Poplyfe 

And it's a toss up between Landon Swank and Lys Agnes for the number four spot but just based on tonight's performance I think Landon Swank did better, so I'm going to have to go with him.

Will your picks make it through? Find out tonight at 9 p.m. on NBC!

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