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Beyonce Accused of Wearing Fake Baby Bump at VMA's

There's so much talk surrounding Beyonce and Jay-Z ever since she made her pregnancy announcement last Sunday at the Video Music Awards on MTV.

What will the baby's name be? Girl or Boy? Will the baby be as talented as the mother and father? Etc...

Video Music Awards: Highlights and Winners, Gaga is One of the Bro's, Chris Brown Kills It & Beyonce Surprise even went as far as to say that Beyonce wore a prosthetic baby bump to the VMA's, c'mon like really? Leave her alone and let her be happy.

Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrated her 30th birthday in Venice, Italy over the weekend and then headed over to Croatia yesterday to the beach. It clearly shows in the above picture while she was at Croatia that she has a real bump. 

Jay was also reportedly concerned about Beyonce performing in heels since the couple has found out they were expecting, aww, but the doctor said it would be fine.

And performing in heels she did! Beyonce danced around in those high heels during her recent VMA performance and killed it!

Well, I shall keep you posted on Jayonce baby news as it comes along so stay tuned!