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America's Next Top Model: Cycle 17 All Stars Premiere Recap

Yes! I'm excited with this season of America's Next Top Model!! I feel like it will be interesting being that it's an all-star season of previous top model contestants, and a lot of diva attitudes and personalities will clash.

The ladies moved right in and met each other. A lot of assumptions floated around since the ladies are familiar with each others seasons. There are a lot of strong personalities on this season. Angelea said right off the back that she feels like she is going to get into it with Bianca. Bianca says she hopes Lisa goes home first because of her goofiness. 

Bianca and Bre have become best friends after there top model cycles and said they also live together. Bianca was shocked when Bre walked through the door because her roommate surprised her and didn't say she was also competiting. 

Camille walked in the house and....crickets. The girls were like, "major b*tch alert." And yes, Camille still has the same signature walk as she did in Cycle 2 and the same diva attitude to go along with it.

Tyra mail comes right away and the girls flock to claim their beds. Jay Manuel comes to the house to visit the ladies and tells them they were chosen because they were fan favorites and are still being talked about today.

Jay informs the ladies that they will be getting to work right away.They do a photo shoot right in their back yard by the pool. The photo shoot embodied the ladies personalities that they were known for on their previous ANTM cycles. 

Some old ways never die. Bianca wasn't feeling her red hair, just like back in cycle 9 when she got her makeover. Shannon from cycle 1 still doesn't pose bare. She chooses a bathing suit and tells the wardrobe people she doesn't shoot in underwear or wear underwear outside.
Later, the judges critique the girls' photos at the Nokia Plaza in Los Angeles during a first ever live panel, with thousands of people in the crowd watching along. 

The guest judge this episode was Nicki Minaj who came strutting down the catwalk. Nicki Minaj says she has always been a huge fan of ANTM. Nigel Barker is back as a judge and with a new look: black hair! Eh, I like the bald look better. And Andre Leon Talley is also back as a judge.

The ladies strutted their stuff down the catwalk one by one as they were announced so the judges could critique their photos.

The crowd cheered for the girls as they came out but one girl actually got booed! Alexandria did, the previous house villain of cycle 16. One fan from the crowd yelled out "f**k you" and "b*tch" to her. Nicki said she didn't love Alexandria's picture at all, ouch!
Tyra told the girls that they would continue the judging in private chambers to see which girl will be sent home...again.

Not only was the decision up to the judges on who will be eliminated but Tyra took the fans feedback into consideration as well.

Allison winded up being the fans all-time favorite while Alexandria had negative feedback. One fan said they hate her even though they love her. Brittany didn't get positive or negative feedback, none at all, which may be a bad thing.

And did Nicki Minaj know how to judge or what? She did her thing as a guest judge and knew what she was talking about, even Tyra said so.

On this season of ANTM  the prizes include: a spread in Italian Vogue and a cover and spread  in Vogue along with a special blog for the winner. The winner will also be a celebrity guess corespondent with Extra, have a national campaign with Express and also receive a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics.

This season will also have plenty of guest judges, surprises and new challenges.

Isis from cycle 11 was chosen first in judging and had the best photo. The bottom two were Brittany and Alexandria. Alexandria gets another chance and crazy Brittany from cycle 4 gets sent home first.

"Nicki Minaj" -- Cycle 17 features the first-ever All-Star cast, with fan favorites and outrageous personalities from different cycles as they square off and compete for the grand prize. The first photo shoot has the women re-enacting memorable moments from the previous cycles on America's Next Top Model on The CW.  Cycle 17 pictured: Isis Photo: Celeste Canino/ Pottle Productions, Inc 2011 Pottle Productions, Inc. All RightsReserved
Isis' photo
 The fans didn't remember Brittany as much and she was shocked that she got sent home first, she thought she would go far in the competition.

13 girls remain...who is your all-star favorite? I have a couple. I absolutely love Sheena and Bre. And I know Camille is looked at as the villain, but I like her cocky, confident ways ever since cycle 2.