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Swizz Beatz May Be Creeping With A Woman and It's Not His Wife Alicia Keys!

Uh oh is Swizzy cheating?

Supposedly Swizz Beatz's alleged lover wrote a letter describing their affair which dates back to when Swizz Beatz was married to his ex wife Mashonda.

Before this, Swizz was blown up for supposedly sexting this woman while married to now, Alicia Keys. Well damn!

Read the exclusive story HERE on Bossip to see who this woman is.

This won't surprise me if it turns out to be true because Swizz and Alicia had their affair while he was married to Mashonda so what makes Alicia think that he won't do the same thing to her? Oh, because she is Alicia Keys, right? Wrong! It doesn't matter how famous, powerful, rich or beautiful you are, all types of women get cheated on.

Swizz Beatz Buys Wife Alicia Keys New Car Amidst Cheating Rumors

If Eric Beneat can cheat on the beautiful Halle Berry then anything is possible. Well, Alicia this is some very bad karma. I personally don't get what these women see in Swizz, my opinion, he's not too attractive. Well the two have denied rumors that their marriage is in danger and in fact has laughed this cheating matter off, according to MTV.

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