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Basketball Wives LA: Malaysia and Laura Fight & The Ladies Grill New Comer Draya Michele

So how are you liking Basketball Wives of L.A so far? Well, the show premiered last week and I wasn't going to blog about it at first but it grabbed my attention so here I am to talk about episode 2.

One person in particular is already getting on my nerves and that is Gloria's sister, Laura. At the end of last weeks premiere she got into an altercation with Malaysia.

Laura is the one who started it all after calling Malaysia a rat and Laura also pushed her. I love how some of the other ladies were telling Laura, "sit down, you just had a baby." Meaning what? Malaysia just had a baby too.

Okay so Laura had a baby and? And maybe she shouldn't be putting her hands on other people, so serves her right when Malaysia responded back by decking her in the face, leaving her bleeding. 

"She got me in the mouth real good, she caught me off gaurd, it's okay I'm gonna get her back," Laura said.

Malaysia's comment, "I don't f*ck other peoples husband's" was pretty funny too. 

Hey Laura, you can't go around laying hands on people and not expect a reaction out of them.

And why is Laura on the show? She's not a wife. But just like Basketball Wives we've come to realize you don't have to be an actual wife to be on the show.

Malaysia put Laura on blast, well incase you don't know, Laura is "supposedly" the woman who slept with Shaq while he was married to Basketball Wives star, Shaunie O'Neal. This also caused a big beef between Shaunie and Gloria during the first season of Basketball Wives, as Gloria kept defending her sister, despite Laura being in the wrong.

Tanya looks bored, lol, while everyone else is trying
to break up the fight taking place behind her
During the fight, everyone jumped up from the table except Tanya.

Despite what the ladies say about Tanya, I like her. Tanya is cool, reserved and doesn't have time for the bullcrap.

So after the fight, Gloria invites all the ladies, except Malaysia of course, to her house for a barbeque.

Gloria said she wasn't around during the fight because her and her fiance, Matt Barnes were out of town during the time.

Gloria told the ladies that she texted Malaysia saying, "I'm f*cking you up on site." I really don't see Gloria as a bad ass but she has a lot of mouth.

So the gossip starts about Tanya and how she didn't help out during the fight. As they were speaking about Tanya she shows up at Gloria's house. Tanya said the fight was all surreal and that she was frozen in the moment.

Imani said to her, "But you just sat there like you were waiting on the bus or something."

Tanya responded, "Well I don't take buses..." Lol.

Tanya said she doesn't like walking into a hostile environment. She quickly excused herself and left the house.

Malaysia and Laura work out their differences
Malaysia and Laura met up later on and both of them bring their sisters along whom they included in their confrontation.

They all talk about the altercation and work out their differences, so everyone is cool... for now.

Later on, all the ladies, minus Malaysia, go out paint balling. Gloria brings along a new lady, Draya, whom she met in an acting class.

Draya meets everyone for the first time and the ladies don't take too kindly to her. They get a bad first impression.

I honestly think it's jealousy and these ladies have their gaurds up because Draya is pretty, young and single.

Draya tries to break the ice so she invites everyone to a party that she throws later on.

She tells them she used to strip and the ladies all sort of stare at her. Imani said stripping is not an acceptable career choice and Draya says Imani is really judgemental. The ladies also question Draya being a jumpoff.

"In a lot of basketball wives eyes she's the enemy, you know she's the woman who kind of f*cks up relationships and ruins a lot of sh*t for most of us..." Gloria said.

Draya, Laura, Jackie and Malaysia go along with Imani to meet with her life coach for a passion party group session. Draya realizes that most of the ladies don't like her. Each of the ladies had to pick an adjective describing themselves and also describing everyone else.

The adjectives were anonymously put in a box and read out loud. When it came to Draya's box her words were; animated, sneaky, courageous, combative and worthless. The ladies come out and admit to what they called Draya and Imani was the one who said Draya was worthless, ouch!

Imani said there's a lot of things about Draya that the other ladies don't know and that the two will get to the bottom of the issue later on when Imani speaks to her in private. 

And this is random, but is it me or does Ron Artests wife, Kimsha, resemble Tami from Basketball Wives...just a little? Their personalities seem very similar.

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  1. I don't think any of the hoes should have a show in the first place! Who the heck are they? Wives of men who have talent. Where is their talent to have a show???? They are all classless and VERY immature! I can not imagine how embarrassed the families of all them bitches are. What is TV coming to?

  2. Laura@1st I did not like I wanted a chance 2 show her dat Compton women have a lot of class,but @ da same time we will whoop sum ass real fast&talk about It later.Now dat Jackie If ur so much of a real person since she's so damn 100,why does'nt she just catch everbody fade since u can't stand peace among da ladies&obviously da only 1 with a problem with every1.Jackie Is da bone bringer&taker,which means she's da culprit& she needs her ass whoop real fast.and dat will be da end of her bullshit.


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