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Jersey Shore: Sammi & Ronnie Try One More Time and Snooki is Depressed Over Her Boyfriend

After Mike bashed his head into the wall before his and Ronnie's "fight" and knocks himself out last week, we're now back with more Jersey Shore drama.

"I didn't know who I thought I was, I ran into a concrete wall," Mike said. He thought the walls were sheetrock, while explaining why he rammed his head into it last week.

Last weeks fight
Mike struggles with the fact that he has to wear the neck brace which prevents him from joining the rest of the crew in the Italy fun and activities He even starts talking about going home. Now his friend again, Ronnie, decides to talk him out of it.

"Even though we fought I'm not a bad hearted guy, I don't want to see somebody in the condition that he's in," Ronnie said.

Snooki and her boyfriend Jionni clash over the phone and he calls Snooki "stupid" numerous times because of her joking behavior. He is quick to get embarrased over Snooki's behavior.

"I'm scared to even be myself talking to you," Snooki says to him.

Snooki feels like she's not being herself infront of Jionni and Ronnie advises her not to change who she is for anybody.

Snooki also gets yelled at by a priest while walking home with the girls. "Can you cover your body please when you come infront of a church," the priest said.
And, Snooki is also still denying hooking up with Mike.

Sammi is still on the fact that Ronnie called a girl when they first got to Italy. So her and Ronnie talk it out and his excuse is that he was single then and he apologizes. Well we all know where this is going...

"You're a pig, why would you f*ck*ng do that?," Sammi told Ronnie.

Pauly and Vinny
Vinny and Pauly make a joke after overhearing Ronnie and Sammi arguing and they say Mike smashed his head in the wall on purpose because he was tired of the couple drama, lol.

Vinny asks Ronnie and Sammi to keep their arguments away from the rest of the group because everyone else wants to have fun in Italy and leave the negative drama away.

Sammi says she actually wants to let herself have a good time while in Italy. OMG these two are so funny. Sammi decides to give their relationship another try and the two are back together again!

She said they're going to do this for the last and final time...yeaah okay.

Well, Mike starts to feel better. The neck brace comes off and he goes clubbing with the roomies later. 

At the club, Snooki realizes there are a lot of "b*tchy girls" there and one pours a drink on Snooki's head and throws one in Deena's face then all hell breaks loose. Team Meatball starts attacking and Snooki grabs some girls hair not knowing it's Deena's hair she's pulling by accident..hahaaa.

The roomies get home and Deena's waiter friend comes over to visit her early in the morning. Isn't this the same guy that crept out of bed with her while everyone was sleeping before? She must not remember that.

Deena does notice a hickey on his neck and he says it is a bite from his sister because they were joking. Yeah right. Well, after that one, Deena sends him home saying he won't be getting the golden ticket.

Snooki goes to the phone to call Jionni once again and the arguing starts up. He says Snooki is being a b*tch to him. Wow.

The next morning when Snooki sobers up, Jwoww tells her that Jionni is changing everyone's attitude in the house and Snooki is not trying to hear it. Snooki says he is a good boyfriend to her but everyone else thinks she's in denial.

Maybe Jionni is a bit insecure and overprotective, dump him Snook's!