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Rumors: Evelyn Lozada Quits "Basketball Wives" and Chad Ochocinco Quits Her?

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada who is known in coining the term "you're a non-mother f*ckin' factor" is rumored to have quit Basketball Wives and being done with reality television, according to numerous reports.

Evelyn is also very much involved in the Twitter world and rumors surfaced that she would be quitting that as well. But did her fiancé, football star Ochocinco quit her?

According to reports, Chad cut Evelyn loose after Terell Owens, also known as T.O., revealed that he'd hooked up with his former teammate's fiancé. reported a couple of days ago that Evelyn was pregnant and quitting the reality show to be a full time mom. reports that Beyonce wore a prosthetic baby bump to the VMA's

Evelyn is denying the rumors saying her and T.O. never hooked up and she also said she is not pregnant and that her and Chad are still planning to get married and have a family.

Well Evelyn is still on Twitter at the moment and posted earlier today, "People say "oh u don't need to explain yourself" but if I don't idiots will believe the crap they read on this site! #"

Before this she tweeted like crazy to try and clear herself up:

"OH 1 MORE RUMOR TO CLEAR UP ME & @ NEVER dated before/during my relationship with @ People are sick & karma is a b*tch!"

"I love bloggers and I respect sites like @ @ @ these sites do their research & try their best to report factual info!"

"It's sick & pathetic that u make money trying to hurt people's lives by posting b#llsh*t! I will not sit back & tolerate it!!"

Evelyn has a reputation for "getting around" with celebrites and ball players. She also had a blow out on season 2 with Tami Roman, another Basketball Wives castmember, when Evelyn told her she slept with her husband. There is also speculation that Evelyn's and Chad's relationship is fake.

Evelyn tweeted, "I'm not ashamed of anything I've ever done! I keep it 100 at all times! If any of those rumors were true, then hey so be it! LIES LIES LIES!"

Well so far neither Chad or T.O. has tweeted anything about the rumors and MediaTakeOut is known to post a lot of non-factual stories, so I don't know about this one folks.

I do hope Evelyn comes back for season 4 of Basketball Wives which will return in 2012, even though she is a soon to be football wife, she is very entertaining on the show and a big part of it.

Update 9/12/2011:

So Chad and Evelyn seem like they're fine now. Chad returned to Twitter and has been tweeting up a storm since. He also took over Evelyn's Twitter page yesterday and tweeted a bunch of playful random stuff.

In one tweet he said, "Where the dudes at that be trying to holla at Eve on twitter? Tweet me the lines y'all b using on her so I can use them to spice our sh*t up."

Chad also uploaded the twitpic to the right and said, "Yes I hacked Eve twitter n yes I stole her ring n yes I look good n yes I got her whooped ."