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Basketball Wives L.A: Draya's Troubling Past is Brought to Light and Doesn't Settle Well with the Ladies

This week picked back up with the ladies practicing techniques at a Mixed Martial Arts ring. An already pissed off Laura is in the cage with a clueless Draya who didn't know what was about to hit her.

The techniques started off normal until Laura kicked her and the two seriously started to jab and punch at each other until Draya tapped out and said enough, then Laura backed off. Draya said she was confused as to what happened, but she left it at that and left.

"If I wanted to beat Draya up she would of felt my wrath, that was no wrath, she had gloves on and she had a mask on," Laura said.

"I give it up to her, she took that a** whoopin' like a champion," Gloria said about Draya. 

Laura and Draya in the cage
She said her sister Laura has a lot of work to do on controlling her temper but with Draya around it's hard.

"I brought you in, I introduced you to these women, don't make me look stupid," Gloria said about Draya.

Jackie said there are some red flags about Draya and she's going to investigate and do some research.

Gloria and her fiance Matt meet up with their PR company to set up a golf tournament for cancer and Matt reveals his mom was diagnosed with four different types of cancer and he wants to find a way to give back and provide awarness.

Gloria said her and Matt now surround themselves with couples who are married ever since they moved to Los Angeles and they meet up with Jackie and Doug for dinner. Matt talks really high of Gloria and explains the time when he first fell in love with her and talks about marriage which shocks Gloria.

Gloria later on meets up with Laura and said she wants to get married but she's not ready yet. Matt and Gloria called off their wedding once before and Gloria basically says now she doesn't have time to get marriage because she has a lot of things going on in her life.

Really? You have two kids with this man and you don't have time for marriage?

I'm thinking it was Matt's decision to postpone the marriage before even though everyone is reporting the couple called it off together and I think Gloria may still be hurt about it and is putting on a front for the cameras.

"Matt wanting to walk down the isle is really throwing off everything I got going on, I'm gonna step back a little bit and kind of take this time for me," Gloria said.

"Now I'm to the point that if, God forbid, me and Matt don't work out I can comfortably say deuces I'm out, I don't need you."

Cocky much? So, now it's that simple and Gloria is acting like it wouldn't bother her if she lost her fiance?

Gloria Govan Dumped by Matt Barnes Before BBW L.A premieres

Later on, Imani, Jackie and Laura go shopping and have a girls day. Laura talks about Imani's emotional breakdown at Jackie's wedding and says Imani needs to get hooked up.

Jackie said all of the women are going to bring around a man who they think is good for Imani, which we'll see in the next episode. Imani said it has been awhile since she has dated and the dating world has changed.

Later on, we're introduced to Jackie's 18-year-old daughter. Jackie invites a peer counselor to her house so they can all openly talk about sex. Jackie said it is hard to talk about the topic because her daughter isn't comfortable.

"I don't want a guy touching my daughter, I have a problem with that," Jackie said.

Jackie and Laura decide to look up Draya online and they start reading blogs and find a story that says Draya was arrested for child endangerement. They find a police report saying Draya left her son home alone for days with no food.

"She needs her a** kicked," Jackie said.

"What she did was worthless, that was really bad, to me you have no morals, I don't role with people like that," Laura said.

The two decide Draya isn't worth being in their circle, they don't want to be associated with her anymore and they print out the police report for proof to confront Draya later on about it.

Jackie and Laura meet up with Imani and Gloria before they all meet up with Draya and they tell the rest of the girls what they found on Google about Draya.

According to the police report, Draya's son was the one who called the police and Draya was set out on bail.

Jackie is livid and says she wants to snatch Draya up and choke her. Gloria feels responsible for bringing the "new drama" (Draya) into her crew.

"I think if everyone takes the mask off and speaks openly and honestly, Draya is in for a lot," Imani said.

Oh boy.

So later on, all the girls meet up, this time with Malaysia and of course Draya. "Why didn't you come to Jackie's wedding?" is the question that is thrown out first and the spotlight is on Draya now. Then the problems about Draya's past came out.

"As a mother I'm passionate about my kids so if I got somebody else coming into our group that is an unfit, dead beat a** momma, I got a problem with that, I don't want you in my f*cking face," Laura said to Draya.

Draya explains her case
Draya denies everything, starts crying and said her son never talked to the police and she said her son is always being watched by her mother when she's not home. Draya said the police report is fake and the reporter who made the story up got fired.

And then the attack came when Jackie thinks Draya disrespected her and Jackie starts getting angry.

"I'm just tired of explaining this shit, let it go, my son is good, I love him he is the most important thing in my life," Draya said.

Laura thinks she's lying about everything and she gets up and leaves. The group dissolves, walks away and the only person who believes Draya at this point is Malayasia.

Do you think Draya is lying or is she telling the truth?

Draya shouldn't have sat there and took all that from those ladies. They are constantly talking about her. Draya said she doesn't care about fitting in but obviously she does because she's always trying to prove something to them.


  1. Draya shouldn't have sat there and took all that from those ladies.


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