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Jersey Shore: Reunion Highlights

Immediately after Jersey Shore's season finale last night, the reunion special was shown as the cast reminisced about their Italy days. Jersey Shore: Season Finale Recap 

Things were quite different this season as the host said there must have been something in the Italian wine; the girls cooked and cleaned more and the guys brought less girls home. Here are my reunion highlights:

(Scroll to the bottom to see a sneak peak of Season 5)

1)  Snooki's Dumb Comments

Is it me again or does Snooki get dumber per episode? Lol. The reunion host asked the Jersey Shore cast, how does Italy differ from Jersey? Snooki answers that the geograph was beautiful in Italy.

Snooki said, "I'm thinking geography is like you know, the landscaping and stuff, it was beautiful, they had like orange roots and stuff."

The guys start cracking up and Vinny informs Snooki that the geography is where Italy is located in the world.

Oh-em-gee Snooki.

2) Mike vs. Snooki: To Hook Up or Not to Hook Up?

Snooki points Mike out on his non-fighting skills and said Mike has never been in a real fight and was scared to fight Ronnie.

Snooki tells Mike he's a bad friend and gets irritated as Mike continues with the jokes that Snooki gave him head.

"I'm not gonna tell you what to do, I'm sorry, you know exactly what to do, I've seen you do it," Mike says to Snooki when she tells Mike to leave her alone.

Mike and Snooki on the reunion
Snooki tells Mike to get over it but Mike tells Snooki to stop talking trash.

The host asked the rest of the cast who believes Mike and the guys all raise their hands. Snooki gets pissed and goes on and on about how Mike is lying.

Vinny makes a good point and tells Snooki if she didn't do anything with Mike she would have been mad chill but instead she flipped out and it's all reflecting on herself.

Snooki also gets mad at Jwoww when she watches the behind the scenes of her roommates thinking she did something with Mike. Snooki calls out Jwoww for being a bad friend and Jwoww yells back.

"She's telling me the same truth she told me the night in December," Jwoww said about Snooki.

Yea, Jwoww knows something and I think the truth is that Snooki did do something with Mike and she's just in denial.

3) Deena Likes Chicks

Deena didn't find love in Italy and admits to "finger-popping" with one of the twin chicks, the one she brought home when she commited the robbery on Mike.

"She finger popped me and it was the best f*cking thing that happened in Italy," Deena said.

But wait! Deena wants to make sure everyone knows she likes guys and she's not a lesbian. 

She said she probably could have pulled off a threesome with the twin chicks and Deena also said she wouldn't "date date" a girl. Deena said a lot of girls get drunk and make out with their friends.

Sureee Deena, okay.

4) Meatball Power, Meatball Problems

Deena and Snooki start talking in these fake accents, Ronnie makes a joke and says if they continue talking like that he's leaving.

I agree with ya Ron.

Snooki said she swam in Deena's piss when Deena pee'd in the jacuzzi and the other roomies looked grossed out.

Deena and Snooki told the rest of their roomies that they're boring sometimes. Snooki said Jwoww was acting like a b*tch when Team Meatballs got drunk and said all they wanted to do was have fun.

Snooki and Deena talk about hooking up and Snooki said, "Meatballs they're allowed to play around in sauce."

Umm, eww.

5) VP's Bromance

 Vinny and Pauly speak on their bromance and do a little improv. These two are hilarious, they need a show together. They said sleeping in the same bed together made them closer. Deena is probably jealous of Vinny, lol.

Ya gotta remember FPC: Fistpump, Pushup, Chapstick!

Vinny and Pauly continue their "She's too young for you bro!" jokes:

"If she got Swedish Fish stuck in her braces...she's too young for you bro!"

"If her oldest sister is 13...she's too young for you bro!"

Part 2: "She's too old for you bro!"...

"If she gets the senior citizen discount at Mc Donalds...she's too old for you bro!"

"If she's still collecting her social security check...she's too old for you bro!"

"If her age matches the speed limit on the turnpike...she's too old for you bro!"

Ronnie was also awarded as a true "swacker" and Pauly presented Ronnie with a "Swagger Jacker" t-shirt for constantly "swacking" Pauly's style.

Well, the cast all agreed that they couldn't wait to get to jersey to tan and get their hair cut so that's a wrap for season 4 as we wait and see if they actually make it through a season 5.